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8 Spooky Outfit Ideas for Bad Witches Only

Gentle Reminder: You can wear whatever you want whenever you want. Period. If rocking spooky looks all year round is your thing, then keep on slaying these foolish mortals, girl.  


For those of us who are a little more seasonal with our wardrobe, Halloween is the time to step completely out of our comfort zones and wear something crazy. But who likes waiting until the end of the month to actually dress up? Here are eight low-key spooky outfit inspos you can rock whenever you want!


1. Fun Tights

Even though October marks the beginning of chilly weather, it’s still warm enough to wear cute dresses and skirts. Themed tights like this black cat pattern are the perfect way to welcome the start of the scary season.


2. Graphic Tees

This picture has me wondering if I’ve missed the pineapple reference in Hocus Pocus every time I’ve watched it, which is only about a thousand times. The shirt is still super cute though.


3. Even more subtle graphic tees

It’s simple, yet bold. Bonus points for the movie reference!


4. Fun sweatshirts

Just think of the cute pumpkin patch Insta pics! Plus, it looks cozy af.


5. Costume or normal clothes? You decide.

Am I Sandy from Grease, or do I just like to wear all black? The answer is both.


6. Dark lipstick or makeup

You don’t need a cape to feel dark and vampy. Give your makeup routine a turn on the dark side.


7. Ghostly jewelry

Give your Kendra Scott or monogrammed necklace a break and try some darker pieces. They’re guaranteed to put you in a spooky mood.


8. Nail art

There are hundreds of different ways to show your spooky side through nail art. Pinterest is loaded with ideas! Nothing like a scary movie and nail painting session with your fave ghouls!


Halloween can come with a lot of pressure to nail your costume and get the perfect Insta shot. Incorporating a little bit of spookiness into your everyday routine can keep you pumped for the holiday and remind you how fun it’s meant to be. Also, it’s way more fun to be more than one character for the month. I think on Wednesday I’ll rock some vampy lips and dark nails to class. Let’s make this month totally wicked!


Lauren Ryan

Wisconsin '20

Lauren is a senior double majoring in Marketing and Operations and Technology Management, with a certificate in Supply Chain Management. 
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