8 Last Minute Costume Ideas



If we’re being completely honest, Halloween is incredibly fun but it always falls at one of the busiest times of the year! Of course, you want to go out and have fun, but it’s the day of, and you have no costume! No worries, girl-- I got you covered. Here’s a list of eight Halloween costumes that you can usually create in less than 20 minutes just by opening up your closet, and your creativity.


1. Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

It’s simple. Throw on a pair of long white socks, a long pink button-up and you’ll be slidin’ in with moves as cool as Cruise. If you’re feeling extra, throw in a hairbrush or candle-holder as a mic.


2. Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is seriously one of the easiest costumes out there. Throw on a red bandana, blue button-up and flex for a picture. You’ll show everyone you’re the strongest woman in the room. Bonus points for bringing female empowerment to the party!


 3. Cat

The most difficult piece of this outfit is just the cat ears. Otherwise, pull out those black leggings and a long sleeve. Slip on a pair of edgy black boots and draw some whiskers on with eyeliner. You’ll be ready in under 20 minutes!


 4. Hippie

You can’t go wrong with this one. Pull out those flare jeans that have been tucked away (Thank GOD they’re coming back into style) and cut up a tye-dye shirt. Wear some sandals and put a headband around your forehead. Throw in some retro shades if you’re feelin’ it! Throw up the peace sign and you’ve got yourself a true 70s gal.


 5. M&Ms

This is so simple and perfect for your whole group of friends. Take the classic green, blue, brown, and yellow large t-shirts you’ve probably got hanging around and draw an “M” in the middle with a black sharpie. Top it off with some black leggings and white sneakers and you’ll be looking like one of those stand-up M&M mannequins we saw displayed at the grocery store as a kid.


 6. 80’s Workout Instructor

The attire for an 80s workout was . . . interesting . . . but nevertheless, it is an incredibly easy costume for Halloween! All you need for this one is a leotard, sneakers, and white tights. For a little extra touch, add in a scrunchie and some 2lb dumbbells. You’ll have a costume in no time!


7. Cowgirl

Thank goodness overalls made a comeback in fashion because this costume will need them! Grab those overalls, a flannel, and some cowboy boots because you’re going to have the rowdiest costume ever in under five minutes! Put your hair in two pigtail braids, put on a cowboy hat and you’ve got yourself a costume!


 8.  A Nerd

I don’t know about you, but for me, Taylor Swift in her music video “You Belong With Me” was a big mood. I wanted to be a nerd for the next 3 months after that music video. With that being said, Halloween is the perfect excuse to channel your inner T-Swift and dress up as a nerd. Put on those big glasses (or those 3D glasses from the movie theatres that you popped the lenses out of because let’s be honest we’ve all been there) and some stockings. Throw on a white shirt with some type of shorts or skirt and add some suspenders. Boom. You’ve just made the easiest costume ever.


These are for all of us procrastinators out there- just because we’re busy doing other things doesn’t mean that we can’t join in on the fun too- Happy Halloween everyone!!