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7 Shows to Watch While Waiting for Game of Thrones to Come Back

Game Of Thrones is one of the most popular and explosive TV shows right now…or it will be, when it comes back in 2019. This is the longest waiting period between seasons since the show began, so here are some other shows to watch while you wait!

1. The Crown

Though not a fantastical political drama, The Crown follows another young Queen throughout her entire reign. Steeped in political scheming, romances, rumors and drama, The Crown is extra intriguing because it is based on a true story, unlike Game Of Thrones.

2. Westworld

Another massive HBO hit (with the budget to match), Westworld is great for those who admire the intricate world-building that Game of Thrones is known for. James Marsden as the lead certainly doesn’t hurt either. While only one season is out, season two will be returning in the spring of 2018. At least that’s a shorter wait than that for Game of Thrones!

3. Orphan Black

A sci-fi drama, Orphan Black is anchored by women. Though it’s centered on huge moral questions regarding science and the ethics of human experimentation, the show is grounded by the themes of family, sisterhood and the agency of women. Like Daenerys, the women on the show are empowered and empowering.

4. Outlander

Another series-to-TV adaptation, Outlander is set primarily in Scotland, where the main character, Claire, accidentally travels back to 1743. A series set in two different worlds, anchored by the one woman who connects them, this show has the same tension that can be found in Game of Thrones.

5. Suits

Though it seems like another lawyer drama, Suits has almost as much emotional maneuvering as Game of Thrones. If you’re looking for someone to fill the handsome hole of Jon Snow while he’s off the air, then look no further than the two leading men of Suits.

6. Reign

Similar to The Crown, Reign follows an actual historical figure: Mary, Queen of Scots. Reign, however, takes more dramatic liberties with the history of this famous queen (which makes this show even more exciting). Over time, the show has solidified CW’s ability to produce dramatic and suspenseful shows.

7. The 100

Though neither a fantasy nor historical show, The 100 is similar to Game of Thrones in the complexities of its characters. Following a nuclear apocalypse set in the future, 100 teenagers are sent back to Earth to see if it’s habitable again. You can’t help rooting for all the characters, even those who make some very questionable choices throughout the series.


Even though the new season of Game of Thrones seems like it’s forever away, these seven shows should hold you over in the meantime. It might even take you until 2019 to watch all of them! Happy binging! 

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