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7 Reasons to Look Forward to Football Season

With the new school year comes new memories and new traditions, but also some old traditions as well. Whether you’re a freshman or 5th year senior there’s one thing we can all agree on: football season never disappoints.

1. Tailgates

Not sure anything says game day more than waking up unfathomably early on a Saturday morning with your closest friends to party before the game. We weren’t named the best party school in the US for no reason…

2. Sweet Caroline and Build Me Up Buttercup

I bet you’re singing along in your head just reading this. To say these songs are special to every football-loving Badger would be an understatement. There’s just something about a whole section full of college students finishing singing these songs long after the actual music has stopped playing.

3. Cute game day outfits

Over the years, college game day has become a fashion show for girls to show off all the trendy ways they exemplify their school spirit. Embrace it, collegiettes; you’re only this young once.

4. Post-game day naps

Some games are early, and chances are you were out late the night before. The campus-wide post-game day nap is a real thing and feels great after standing outside for 3-4 hours in the sun after a long game day. 

5. Varsity

Nothing makes you feel school pride more than this song. Swaying back & forth and singing along is a memory that every Badger will cherish for the rest of their lives.

6. Night Games

Nothing feels more special than a night game. There’s just something about being under the lights and having all day to prepare for the game. Night games are a rarity, so make sure to soak up every minute there is when one finally rolls around.

7. Jump Around

Known all across the globe and voted America’s #1 Best College Football Tradition, this makes standing in the sun and heat worth it. Once the 4th quarter rolls around there’s only one thing you can be sure of; you’re ready to jump. 

Have the best football season ever, Collegiettes and On Wisconsin!

Hi, I'm Abby Coppens, a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I'm pursuing a degree in Economics and Retail. In my free time, I really enjoying hanging out with my friends and family, doing homework, biking, and reading. I'm the biggest friends fanatic on the planet. Go Badgers!
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