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7 Products to Get You Through Midterm Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

It’s that time of year again, ladies. Yes, midterms are officially here, and it’s time to hit the books again. Fortunately, you won’t have to struggle alone this year. Try some of these fun and affordable products to keep you organized, relaxed and stress-free throughout the midterm season!


1. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Masks

Remember the age-old rule of midterms: don’t neglect your skin. Stress breakouts are real; and with all that late night studying, you might have one coming your way. Keep your skin looking clear and beautiful with these Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Masks! Choose from cucumber and pink salt clay, manuka honey and tea tree oil clay, and charcoal and black sugar mud — they are all filled with fresh botanicals and natural ingredients.

2. L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius​


After you apply your Freeman mask, you’re going to need something to lock in the moisture and to keep your skin dewy and beautiful. L’Oréal Paris’ new Hydra Genius is a 72-hour, long-lasting, liquid moisturizer with aloe water that delivers an instantly fresh feeling to all skin types! And with L’Oréal’s affordable prices, it really is a win-win.

3. Aéropostale’s Denim Collection

It’s very easy to put your fashion sense on the back burner during finals season — trust me, I’ve been there. But with Aéropostale’s comfy and affordable denim collection, it’s never been easier to feel comfortable and look hot at the same time! My personal recommendation? The seriously stretchy jegging line.

4. Bed Head by TIGI


If there’s one product I cannot live without during the school year, it’s Bed Head by TIGI’s Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. A couple quick sprays and a little teasing can earn me an easy extra half hour of sleep after a late-night study session — for a college student, there’s nothing more precious. Check out their other killer products as well, like the Masterpiece Shine and Hard Head Hairspray and the Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo.

5. Spindrift Sparkling Water

Hydration is extremely important during times of high stress. With multiple tests on the horizon, it’s easy to forget about that water bottle in your backpack pocket. Spindrift Sparkling Water is a delicious way to stay hydrated and keep your brain running while you study. It’s the first sparkling water in America to be made with real, fresh fruit; and it comes in seven tasty flavors, so make sure to try them all!

6. Erin Condren Planners

I don’t know how I would get through life — let alone midterms — without my Erin Condren planner. I’ve used a bunch of different planners through the years, but once I bought my Erin Condren, I have never been able go back. The planners are sturdy, very well-organized and completely customizable. I just ordered a new one and was able to upload all my Instagram pictures to be printed on the cover! The LifePlanner with the notebook rings has always been my go-to, but check out the new Hardbound LifePlanner (hint, hint: there’s a sale).

7. Hi-Chew Candy

I don’t know about you, but I always like to have a snack ready when I study! Hi-Chew is the perfect snack for the studying girl. Try out all the delicious flavors — you can’t go wrong.


Don’t let midterms keep you down! Try out these must-have products to keep you feeling relaxed, refreshed and put-together during this stressful season. Stay strong, Ryan Gosling believes in you!