7 Places I Would Rather Be This Winter

It seems as though winter comes earlier and earlier each year. No matter how prepared I try to be, the initial shock of the cold weather always comes as a surprise. The cold weather has had an even bigger impact on my mood this year especially, with having to walk everywhere on campus. However, instead of focusing my energy on the dreaded twenty minute, freezing hike across campus, I decided to think about all the places I would rather be. Whether it be hanging out on a beach or tanning poolside, these are the seven places I would spend my time outside of the bitterly cold Madison weather.

  1. 1. Hawaii

    Hawaii has always been really high on my bucket list, and it is definitely a top contender for a distraction from the cold temperatures. Imagine replacing eggnog with shaved ice, jackets with swimsuits and sub-zero walks with strolls on the beach. Taking a break from studying to learn how to surf wouldn’t be too bad either.

  2. 2. California

    There are so many different things to see and do in California that a trip would definitely be worth your while. You can spend your time exploring the Warner Brothers Studio, sightseeing in Malibu, riding the ferris wheel in Santa Monica and even taking an ever-so touristy picture in front of the Hollywood sign. Plus, if you are a shopaholic like me, California is definitely not lacking in that department either. A trip to Cali would be busy, making it easy to forget about the snow waiting back in Wisconsin.

  3. 3. Cayman Islands 

    The Cayman Islands consists of three little islands that I would much rather be at this winter season. Days in the Cayman would be spent shopping, hiking through caves and just relaxing on the beach. This would be the perfect escape from the brutal temperatures coming our way.

  4. 4. Bora Bora

    If you’re an avid Pinterest user like me, it seems that Bora Bora always makes its way into the picture somehow. Living in a little hut on the water wouldn’t be too bad during this time of year — and would also give you a lot of time to destress. So, next time I’m looking across campus at the lovely piles of snow, it may pay off to think of the beauty and calmness of Bora Bora.

  5. 5. Jamaica

    Jamaica is an island filled with many options to keep you busy as well as endless opportunities to relax. Whether you choose to do activities in the water, go on sightseeing hikes, enjoy the different types of food or lay on the beach, the possibilities are endless. Even if you still decided to study, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable on the beach?

  6. 6. Turks and Caicos

    Turks and Caicos is somewhere I have actually been to before, but it is by far an all-time favorite. Not many people have heard of this small island, but it is found between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. Instead of hiding from the cold, your days in Turks can be spent paddle boarding in the crystal clear water, eating good food, relaxing by the pool and — if you’re lucky enough — maybe even running into a celebrity. Turks and Caicos is the perfect getaway and will not fail at making you fall in love.

  7. 7. Christmas in New York

    Although escaping the cold would be ideal, if I had to be in the snow, I would definitely rather be spending my Christmas in New York. After going for the first time this summer, I still cannot get New York out of my head. However, seeing the city during Christmas time would be even more memorable. Looking at all the lights, Christmas shopping downtown, ice skating at Rockefeller, seeing the Rockettes and even going on carriage rides through Central Park are all necessities. Christmas time in New York may just make you appreciate the snow a little bit more.

Imagining all these different places to travel is one of the things that is going to help me get through this winter season. Although I most likely will not be able to book a flight to the Carribean anytime soon, it is still fun to think of all the places I’d like to go. So, what would you put on your travel list?