7 Great Study Spots that aren't Libraries

School is back in in session, which is really a shame considering the recent weather. It means that you are cooped up in a library for hours everyday, right? Well, maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many places, on or off campus, which provide scenic study spots. Here is a list of some places to check out if a library isn’t your scene.


1. Memorial Union Terrace

Yes, this is more of a social area, but sitting outside next to a beautiful blue lake is oh-so-soothing. It’s a great spot to go to with friends as well. And the best part is memorial union is right there so if you need coffee or lunch, you don’t have to go far!


2. Bascom Hill

If you’re looking to catch up on those textbooks readings you never did, or want to read a book, Bascom is the perfect place. Again, there is another iconic view of state street leading up to the lake. Laying down with a book from your English class or reading your latest class notes is the best done on Bascom, catching some of those rays. You get to be outside working on your tan while studying away.


3. The SAC

The SAC has so many places to hide away and study. They have individual cubbies and tables nestled around random and isolated corners. It’s quiet, next to southeast, and not far from state street! If you’re in the area, then this is the study space to go. During the day it’s usually not crowded, too making it even better for that exam prep.


4. Colectivo on State Street

Collectivo offers both inside and outside spaces to study. Right in the middle of state street, it’s the perfect place for a great cup of coffee, snacks, and smoothies. If a coffee place is your scene, then Collectivo offers a great atmosphere and location.


5. SoHE

If you have classes in SoHE you probably study here all the time already. There are so many spots in this building to sit down and grind. On the second floor, the Robin’s nest is a great place for individual and group work, plus there is a cafe for food and drinks. Since the weather is nice, you can also check out the terrace on the fourth floor. Oh, and another reason to go is the bathrooms. Yes, that sounds weird, but you heard me right. Check out the bathrooms on the first floor, they are definitely something creative.


6. The Discovery Building

This building’s open floor plan and ability to bring the outside in is perfect for a day of studying. You’re indoors, yet you feel like you’re in a rainforest. It’s a calming place because of its uncrowded feel so it’s great if you’re looking to concentrate more. It’s also next to plenty of academic buildings and Union South!


7. Starbucks on State Street  

Starbucks is a classic study spot. They have the typical coffee house music and a wide variety of drinks. Plus, the new design of the place makes studying easier since it’s less cluttered. If you need a late night spot and are walking through state street, stop here for a drink and a study session.


Just because you have to hide behind your laptop doesn't mean your surroundings have to be bland. All of these places are easily accessible on or off campus and certainly check them out if you’re looking for a new study spot! Sometimes staying in one place is tiring, so moving to a new location can freshen your mind and get you back on track with that Journalism paper or Chemistry exam. Happy Studying!