7 Foods to Watch Out for on a First Date

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is here. If you haven't already, now is the time to ask your crush out and to go on that first date you've been dreaming of. Now, what screams “first date” more than a dinner date?! You have the opportunity to dress up and talk over some delicious food. It's perfect — until you realize a chunk of spinach has been stuck between your front teeth for the last hour. My experience may be minimal, but the few first dates I've been on have taught me something about foods you should not order on a first date.


1. Salad

Salads sound like a great option. They're delicious, and they're usually healthy and relatively cheap. However, restaurants like to cut lettuce into oversized pieces that are impossible to fit into your mouth. Avoid the awkward salad-eating face, or even worse, finding leafy greens left in your teeth. Order something else.


2. Soup

Soup is another yummy and cheap option for dinner, but how attractive is it when someone slurps their soup?


3. Spicy Food

Spicy food can make you sweatier and more uncomfortable than you already are on this date.  


4. Traditional Wings

Have you ever seen someone eat traditional wings in an appealing way? Yeah, me neither. If you're really craving wings, order boneless wings so you can at least use your fork to eat them!


5. Spaghetti

Spaghetti noodles are impossible to wrap around your fork, and there's no way to control where the sauce is flying. Lady and the Tramp was cute, but that's because they were two dogs eating spaghetti. There's no way to look that adorable in real life.


6. Burger

Whether it be the dripping sauce, the oozy cheese or the excessively buttered bun, burgers are a handful to eat — literally. You’re most certainly not going to want to hold hands at the end of this date if yours are covered in grease.


7. Seafood (Especially Crab Legs and Oysters)

Crab legs are a pain to crack open, and they usually leave a huge mess. Plus, what happens if you accidentally dump the butter dish on yourself? Believe me, it has happened before. Oysters are just as difficult to eat; plus, it's almost inevitable that you slurp the contents down. How delightful— not!


You must be wondering what there is left to eat. My go-to is macaroni and cheese, as long as it is not on the kids’ menu. However, all of these foods are just suggestions to steer clear from. It’s 2018, and you should order whatever your heart desires. Best of luck on your future first date(s)!