6 Ways To Know If You’re Finding The Right Classes for You

A full cart, a nervous stomach, a clock ticking… it’s that time of year again: class sign up is here. With so many classes to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. The process of choosing classes is time-consuming and stressful but can be made easier if you plan ahead, research and use all of the resources that the university has to offer.


1. Talk to an advisor.

Talking to your advisor can be really helpful in determining what classes you should take next semester. Your advisor knows what classes will be right for you and have had experience with other students on the same academic track. Your advisor can also help you see your DARS report which shows you what requirements you’ve fulfilled and what classes you still have left to take before graduation. You might have only met your advisor at orientation and don’t even remember their name, but rest assured, your “Student Center” will have that information for you.


2. Check classes offered in your major online.

When you look up your major online, often a list of its classes offered will show up. Start making a list of the classes you’ll need to take in order to fulfill your major requirements. See what semester certain classes are offered and plan accordingly.


3. See what professor is teaching the class and look at their reviews.

When I’m trying to decide what classes to take, ratemyprofessors.com becomes my best friend. Although the reviews may be biased, it gives me some information on whether or not people liked a class and liked the professor who taught it. A professor can make or break a class, so you want the best.


4. If you really like the professor you currently have, find out what other classes they teach.

In most college classes, you’ll have a love-hate relationship with the professor. Either you loved them and would for sure take their class again or you never want to take their class again. If you loved the professor and know that they’re planning on teaching the following semester, see if you can get into their class.


5. Talk to friends who you know have taken the class before.

A good way to get direct information is to talk to people who’ve already taken the class you’re thinking of taking. Talking about classes with friends can be really helpful as they have experienced the class first-hand and will know whether or not you should take it. These people are also good resources as they have their notes from the class and would likely share them with you.


6. If you don’t know what to take, find what seems interesting to you.

There is nothing wrong with taking a fun class in college, especially with all of the stress we already encounter on a daily basis. It’s good to take classes outside of your major and become a little more educated in different subjects. If you’re a math major, taking an art class to switch it up may be fun. If you’re a communications major, a biology class might be cool to take. Find something that looks interesting and go from there.

Hopefully, these six steps will make figuring out what classes to take a little easier. Good luck finding classes that seem interesting, work with your major(s) and you could hopefully get a good grade in! Happy class shopping!