6 Petite Clothing Brands Every Short Girl Should Know About

Cuffing long jeans and hemming dresses constitute a way of life for ladies who measure 5 feet 4 inches and under, like myself. It doesn't help that petite sections at department stores often have only limited selections that cater more to sixty-somethings than to twenty-somethings. Don't be so worried just yet, though; these six online retailers offer trendy, cute pieces that will fit both your petite frame and sense of style.


Activewear: Old Navy

Say goodbye to leggings that bunch up around your ankles! If you’ve never tried a pair of petite leggings, now’s your chance. Old Navy’s activewear is super stylish and affordable.


Polished Casual: J. Crew

If your style strays on the classic side, J. Crew and J. Crew Factory have an array of timeless denim, blouses and dresses in petite sizes.  


Formal Wear: ASOS

You’ve probably bought a super cute dress online — just to find out that it falls so far below your knees and that it's more appropriate for church than your sorority formal. For dresses, jumpsuits and other formal wear, check out the ASOS petite collection.


Business Attire: Banana Republic

Professional clothes are an investment, and a perfectly fitting blazer will make you feel like you can conquer the corporate world. Banana Republic has a line of stylish suits and other business attire designed to flatter your petite frame.


Going-Out Looks: Express

Crop tops, distressed denim and bodysuits galore! Whether you’re hitting the bars or going to a concert, Express has styles that make for Instagram-worthy looks for night outs.


Comfy and Casual: Topshop

Topshop’s petite section has a great selection of on-trend denim, tees and sweaters for everyday wear.


To all the vertically challenged ladies out there: we know the struggle is real. You might not be able to reach the top shelf or dunk a basketball; but hey, at least you’ll be stylish in these six petite clothing brands!