6 Male Athletes to Look for in the Winter Olympics

The 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. The winter Olympics are especially fun to watch; they give us something to look forward to in the cold days of February. We’ve come up with a list of male athletes you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for when tuning in next week — don't forget about the women who are competing, though.


1. Ted Ligety, Alpine Skiing

Alpine skier Ted Ligety is from Park City, Utah, and he has been in the Olympic spotlight for a while now. He has won two Olympic gold medals and is referred to as one of the greatest Giant Slalom skiers of all time. Keep an eye out for this guy as he whooshes through those racing gates at the Olympics.


2. Gus Kenworthy, Freestyle Skiing

This freestyler is one to watch during the 2018 Olympics. With his phenomenal tricks, he won the silver medal at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. He also became the second openly gay man named to the US Olympic team in 2015. During his time in Sochi, he helped raise awareness about stray dogs in the area and found homes for many of them in the US.


3. Shaun White, Halfpipe Snowboarding

Shaun White, an expert on his snowboard, has already claimed two Olympic golds. He recently recovered from a bad face injury, but he's up and running again — his perfect score at the US Grand Prix only serves to prove it. This qualified him for the Olympic games.


4. Codie Bascue, Bobsled


Codie Bascue, a native of Lake Placid, New York, is is new to the US Olympic team this year; he is also on the US bobsled team. Unlike many other Olympic bobsledders, Bascue began at a very young age and is therefore younger than many of his competitors. Earning both a bronze and gold at the World Cup in November 2017, Bascue is someone to keep an eye on.   


5. Kevin Bickner – Ski Jumping


Kevin Bickner is also new to the US Olympic team. He started jumping when he was just nine years old. An Illinois native, Bickner moved to Park City, Utah when he was 16 to train with the National Team. In March 2017, he broke the US distance record for ski jumping; he is ready for his Olympic debut.


6. Nathan Chen, Figure Skating

Nathan Chen, a phenomenal figure skater who began at just three years old, will be taking over the ice alongside much anticipation. He is a four-time US national champion and is the current US and Four Continents Champion. Plus, he killed his routine in a super bowl commercial — you definitely need to it check out.  


Between Feb. 9 to Feb. 25, make sure to turn on your TV or check out the NBC Olympic page for updates on the Olympics and athletes. The incredible talents and performances in a wide variety of sports will leave you awed and inspired.