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6 Fall Decorations for Your Dorm or Apartment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Transitioning into a college dorm or apartment is a difficult adjustment. Even though it’s only a temporary space, you can still make it feel like home. In fall (arguably the coziest time of year), there are so many opportunities to make your space in-tune with the season. With pumpkins, colorful leaves and, of course, all things Halloween, the possibilities can release your inner interior designer. Since it’s the midway point in the semester, use these fun and relaxing fall decoration ideas to help ease your mind. These DIYs are easy to make and quick to set up. Best thing yet, it can transform a dorm room into a mini home.


1. Glitter Pumpkins

Glam up the classic pumpkin by adding glitter! It’s a new decorating craze, and it’s possibly replacing diamonds as a girl’s best friend. Glitter makes the pumpkins more festive and trendy. This DIY only takes a few steps but looks luxuriously stylish. Add any warm autumn colors, such as orange, silver or gold, onto the pumpkin.


2. Candy Corn Candles

No one ever knows what to do with candy corn. Most people don’t voluntarily eat it (myself included), so what’s another option? Turn it into a decoration of course! Add a fall flare by accenting calming candles with them — it’s a perfect use for candy corn if you choose not to eat it. For those living in dorm rooms that prohibit open flames, opt for some fake candles instead!


3. Falling Leaves

One of the first signs of autumn is the falling leaves; so why not bring that into your apartment or dorm room? This is an easy DIY that brings the outdoors in. It will help you feel transported to a cozy fall forest when you’re trapped in your small dorm, hiding from the rain or cold. For an extra pop, add glitter to the leaves — you can never have too much glitter! You can even take a clothespin and attach some photos from home or of friends.


4. Wooden Ghost Figures

There’s no way you can skip out on Halloween decorations in the fall. A simple way to participate in Halloween during the busy month is to paint wooden ghosts. Even though ghosts are supposed to scare, these absolutely adorable decors are must-haves! It gives the rustic feel of fall, but also the fright of Halloween.


5. Autumn Tassel Garland


Take a classic dorm room decoration and make it seasonal! For fall, change up tassel colors with hues of oranges, yellows and golds. For your inner lazy girl, simply combine the classics and the new season. If you’re too busy studying to DIY, sticking to a simple garland is perfect.


6. Pinecone Vases

You can’t mention decorations and forget about string lights. String lights are the quintessential decoration to any room. They set a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for watching a classic Halloween horror movie. Switch it up by putting the lights in a vase with pinecones. If you can’t take care of flowers in your room, then this is a great replacement.


DIYs may seem intimidating, but they make for perfect decorations that will spice up your new space with a personalized fall aesthetic. With a cute fall room, you may never want to leave your dorm or apartment again, especially after curling up with your favorite Halloween movie and pumpkin spice latte. You may even opt for studying in your room instead of the library. Even though you come and go from a tiny dorm or apartment, memories are long-lasting. So, create memories while decorating for fall perfection! It will make the whole season feel festive and may even create new traditions.

Samantha Zecca

Wisconsin '20

Samantha is currently a junior studying retail and consumer behavior with certificates in entrepreneurship and digital studies. If she's not at the library, you can find her sitting at the memorial union terrace or trying out a new restaurant in Madison. Samantha is originally from New Jersey, but her favorite place to be is NYC going on day adventures either seeing a Broadway show, shopping, or visiting museums. From the midwest to the east coast, she has a lot to share.