6 Best Playlists to Listen While You're Studying

Listening to music can help many of us focus on studying. Not only can it help you get in the zone, it can make studying just a little less boring. From classical to throwback music from your middle school days, these playlists cover it all:


1. Today's Top Hits 

When in doubt, listen to pop music. The catchy songs everyone knows can brighten your mood and make for a great study session. Since pop music is constantly changing, this playlist changes weekly — it may very well spice up your mundane music routine.

2. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

This playlist has been my favorite this fall. The title alone makes me want to cozy up, drink coffee and get some studying done. I find myself listening to this playlist even when I’m not studying because it’s a mix of some of the best acoustic songs, in my opinion.

3. Intense Studying

This playlist isn't joking around when it comes to studying. Classical music is known for improving cognition and memorization abilities. And since this playlist is full of classical music, it’s perfect for harsh exam weeks.

4. Throwback Party 

The jams you listened to in middle school will never get old. Between Sean Paul and Kanye West, this playlist will get you pumped about studying for even your hardest classes.

5. Peaceful Piano

This is a playlist full of relaxing classical music and piano pieces. It can make studying for a big exam or reading for a class just a little bit more enjoyable.

6. Happy Tunes 

This playlist is exactly what its title says it is — it’s full of happy tunes. That said, it’s perfect for when you’re swamped with homework and feeling a bit down.


I hope you found a go-to study playlist from these options. I’m confident they can help you get in — and stay in— the zone.