50 Things You Say to Your Roommate

It’s safe to say that there is never a dull moment when you live in a college house full of girls. Your roomies have seen you at your best and worst moments, which is why you share a special bond with them. Whether it’s little victories like announcing that you finally did your laundry for the first time in two weeks or bigger triumphs like celebrating the fact that you got over 100 likes on your Instagram post, there are some things that you would only say to your roommates (mostly because nobody else would really care). Here’s a list of all of the things you say to your roommates on a regular basis.

1.     “Are you watching the Bachelor tonight?”

2.     “Wanna order a pizza?”

3.     “What should I caption my Instagram?”

4.     “Did you see the (insert music festival) lineup?”

5.     “Help there’s a bug in my room!”

6.     “What filter should I use for this picture?”

7.     “Just Venmo me”

8.     “Wine night anyone?”

9.     “Look at this meme”

10.  “Has anyone seen my booties?”

11.  “I’m broke”

12.  “Does this look slutty?”

13.  “Do you have any chocolate?”

14.  “Is the WiFi working in your room?”

15.  “Wanna order Jimmy Johns?”

16.  “Have you seen my sticky boobs?”

17.  “Guess who I drunk texted last night”

18.  “Look at the Instagram I tagged you in”

19.  “I just ate, but I’m still hungry”

20.  “Wait for the beat to drop”

21.  “Are you going out, or out tonight?”

22.  “Do you have an outfit for game day yet?”

23.  “I’m gonna start eating healthy tomorrow”

24.  “Can I look in your closet?”

25.  “What are you wearing tonight?”

26.  “Should I straighten or curl my hair?”

27.  “Did my package come today?”

28.  “Do I need to wear a bra with this shirt?”

29.  “Should I eat before or after I shower?”

30.  “Can I read you this text before I send it?”

31.  “Why is our house so hot”

32.  “Why is our house so freezing”

33.  “It’s Sunday night and I haven’t done any of my homework yet”

34.  “Can someone let me in? I forgot my keys”

35.  “Did you watch the new episode of New Girl?”

36.  “Are these dishes clean or dirty?”

37.  “Wanna get brunch?”

38.  “I’m so hungover, I’m never going out again”

39.  “Let’s go out tonight”

40.  “Has anyone seen my headphones?”

41.  “Is 11:30 a good time to change my profile picture?”

42.  “We’re out of toilet paper again”

43.  “I hate group projects”

44.  “Should I reply to his Snapchat?”

45.  “Wanna go to the lib?”

46.  “Did you see Gigi/Kendall/basically any model’s latest Instagram?”

47.  “Look at what my Mom/Dad texted me”

48.  “Is it cold outside? Should I wear a jacket?”

49.  “Should I nap now or later?”

50.  “We need to take the garbage out”

In the very wise words of Drake, "here’s to living for the nights we can’t remember with the people we won’t forget." College wouldn’t be the same without your roomies!