5 YouTube Channels You NEED to Check Out

While Netflix might be the talk of the town, I would have to say that I spend more time watching YouTube than I do Netflix, by a long shot. There is merit to be distributed to the YouTube creators out there who shoot, edit, and publish their videos in a timely manner, and have the ability to produce such a large amount of content. What is so cool about YouTube is that there is a channel for everyone, because many different kinds of series are being developed by many different kinds of content creators. Below I have listed a few of my favorite YouTube channels that I highly recommend everyone checks out.


1. The Try Guys

If you loved The Try Guys when they were a sector of Buzzfeed, then you are really going to love them now. The Try Guys recently separated from Buzzfeed to start their own company, and I can honestly say that their channel has really evolved to become what it was always meant to be: personable. It is easy to tell that the Try Guys are enjoying their newly found freedom, and that really shows in their videos. The channel is all about, well, trying new things. The Try Guys consist of Keith- the fried chicken lover, Eugene- the fashion icon, Zach- lover of all things tea and cat related, and Ned- the ultimate father and husband. Keith, Eugene, Zach, and Ned have tried everything from baking pies to cringey couples Halloween costumes.

One of my favorite Try Guys videos that you should check out is The Try Guys Try Knitting


2. Shipwrecked ComedyShipwrecked Comedy is one of my new favorite YouTube channels, recommended to me by my roommate. This channel is produced by Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud, Sinead Persaud, and Sarah Grace Hart, featuring original content that is historically comedic. I recently had the opportunity to watch Shipwrecked’s miniseries called Kissing in the Rain, which tells the story of two actors who find themselves booking the same movie gigs in which they are contracted to act out scenes kissing in the rain. You definitely get to start seeing who the actors are as people in the aftermath of their scenes when the director calls cut. It is just as comedic as it is romantic.

One of my favorite Shipwrecked Comedy series that you should check out is Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party


3. Ladylike

Buzzfeed’s Ladylike is my go-to channel for beauty, fashion and travel inspiration, as well some hardcore feminine energy. The Ladylike crew is made up of Devin, Chantel, Kristin, Jen, and Freddie, truly the most energetic and fiercest group of females on the internet. They aren’t afraid to embrace who they are in full, and there is something about that idea that makes Ladylike so alluring. These girls are always up for a challenge, whether it’s playing Mario Kart while doing their makeup or styling shoulder pads.

One of my favorite Ladylike videos that you should check out is We Shot the Ultimate Photoshoot with Our Cats 


4. REACTThe REACT channel is my wildcard YouTube channel, because their content is appealing in an unassuming way. You wouldn’t think that watching other people react to videos, food, or music would be entertaining, but it most definitely is. The REACT channel is produced by the Fine Brothers and hosts reactors from a multitude of ages, truly giving their viewers a well-rounded perspective of opinions and reactions. REACT has many different series, but the Try Not to Laugh Challenge series has to be the most enjoyable. The Fine Brothers show their reactors a series of comedic videos to try and get them to smile or laugh. This series is especially fun to watch with friends.

One of my favorite REACT videos that you should check out is Try Not to Eat Challenge-Harry Potter Food:


5. Pemberley DigitalIf you have read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, than the name Pemberley should ring a bell. Pemberley Digital was created by brothers Hank and John Green, and features content that reimagines classic literature in modern day, particularly with the integration of technology. If you have ever read Little Women, The March Family Letters is a definite must to check out. It has all of the appeal of the original text but finds a way to connect to those living in a contemporary society. It is so heartfelt and sincere, that you will have finished the last episode without even realizing you’ve binged the whole series.

One of my favorite Pemberley Digital videos that you should check out is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries-My Name is Lizzie Bennet  


All of the YouTube channels recommended were ones that I have found really suit my personal likes. Though I would recommend these channels to anyone, I am sure many readers will find that some of them don’t exactly fit with their likes, and that’s totally okay! I always find it difficult to look for new channels myself, and would love to hear from others who think they might have some suggestions for YouTube channels that I should check out. If so, please feel free to email me at: [email protected].