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5 Ways to Treat Yourself on a College Budget

It’s midterm season, people! Surviving the stress of college and being poor can make treating yourself nearly impossible. Here are five ideas to inspire a healthy, happy lifestyle to get you through exams, countless org meetings, work and just life itself!  


1. $5 Yoga

Paying a monthly membership to a yoga studio can be an expensive commitment for a college student. However, the mental and physical health benefits are undeniable; it’s a perfect stress reliever. Drop-in rates are $5 at the Natatorium and at Dragonfly Yoga’s Five Dollar Flow. So, clear your mind and detoxify.


2. Rollicious Creamery

This little treasure can be found on State Street! Perfect for a post-class pick-me-up, Rollicious Creamery has rolled ice cream, bubble waffles and bubble tea.  


3. Spotify and Hulu BOGO

This deal is perfect for you if you’re an avid binge watcher who also love thirty-second dance parties. The deal costs you the price of one subscription but comes with the benefits of two. At a monthly rate of $4.99, the student deal gives you subscription to Spotify and Hulu — a beautiful disaster. #RIPtomyGPA  


4. McDonald’s App

Now, this may not be the smartest investment for your health… but it’s good for the soul. This app is free and offers great deals such as $1 fries and sandwiches, free fries with a purchase of a SHAMROCK SHAKE (which you know you’re going to buy anyway) and drink punch cards!  


5. Bike Path/Lakeshore Path

Spring is approaching, and the weather is getting warmer. One of the best ways to unwind on campus is to experience it! Biking, rollerblading, skateboarding or running — if you’re feeling especially ambitious — are all amazing ways to take a break from school and keep your wallet happy.  


Remember, working hard isn’t working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. Take care of your body, mind and heart by being your own best friend. Now, go out there and treat yourself. 

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