5 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

You’ve probably heard Christmas referred to as the “Season of Giving” around the holiday season. The Christmas season can be so stressful because of everything people are buying for the holidays that we forget about those who are just stressed from not having enough money to get through their weeks. There are plenty of simple ways that we can give back to the people in our local community. The best gift you can receive is the feeling of giving back to others. Let’s make a difference this Christmas!

  1. 1. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru 

    One easy way to pay it forward is to pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru line. The person you pay for could have had a rough day, and something as simple as paying for their meal will probably put a smile on their face. Your good deed could influence them to do another good deed for someone else this Christmas season.

  2. 2. Put coins in the laundry machines 

    Paying for laundry at the laundromat or your apartment can add up and get expensive, especially when it’s the time of year that people spend way more than intended. Not only do the machines cost money, but so does detergent, dryer sheets and whatever else you need to buy to be able to complete a load of laundry. Putting coins in all of the laundry machines can once again make a person’s day and can help them out by saving a few dollars.

  3. 3. Buy a meal for a homeless person

    Instead of walking past a homeless person that is asking for money on a street corner, offer to buy them a meal. Bring them in to a nearby restaurant and let them order what they would like. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the person you help will likely be extremely thankful.

  4. 4. Donate 

    Since Christmas is known as the season of giving, there are plenty of places that are looking for donations. Save your old shoes and coats and donate them at a shoe or coat drive. A donation can also be as simple as donating a small sum of money every time you pass a Salvation Army bucket. It may seem like you are not making an impact, but every contribution helps!

  5. 5. Adopt a family 

    Another way to give during this season is adopting a family in your community. Adopting a family means that you will help the parents and their children buy gifts on their Christmas lists. You give so a family can give to each other. Helping out a family who may not be able to afford gifts this season on their own will be something special they will likely never forget. If you would like to get involved this holiday season in Madison, one place to adopt a family is The Road Home in Dane County.

Thinking of the phrase “the season of giving” may seem like it is a big take-on, but there are plenty of simple, small ways that you can make a person’s day. If you start the process of giving, you can easily start a chain reaction, influencing others to do the same. Helping spread joy around the Christmas season is a way better feeling than receiving any gift during the holidays.