5 Ways to Bond With Your Roommates During Online Classes

Let’s be honest: when you signed your lease last fall, you never thought that a global pandemic happening was even a possibility. The concept of classes going completely virtual probably didn’t cross your mind either. Not to mention that it meant you would be spending 24 hours a day wrapped up in your mediocre apartment with your roommates. 


While it’s nice being able to stay in your pajamas all day, it’s hard not having that separation between a learning and living space, especially when it comes to taking study breaks. With that being said, here are 5 things that my roommates and I have done to make online classes (and our apartment) just a little more bearable!

  1. 1. Plan themed dinners

    Like many, my roommates and I took up cooking as a pastime throughout quarantine and getting back on campus wasn’t going to change that. Social media is flooding with all different types of recipes right now, so how could you possibly resist trying out a few? To add even more creativity to your meals, give them themes, whether it be what you eat or what you wear. Breakfast? Formal attire? Taco night? Pajamas? Italian? The possibilities are endless!

  2. 2. Workout together

    two women working out

    If you’re like me, exercise is the ultimate stress reliever. Especially in times like these, taking a break from your laptop and getting some fresh air is almost essential! So grab your roommates and go for a run, a walk or maybe even head over to the gym! If you don’t have access to a gym or the weather isn’t on your side, move your furniture and transform your living room into a makeshift yoga studio.

  3. 3. Become TikTok famous

    Someone dancing in front of the tik tok app

    Okay, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, so maybe just start out with making a few TikToks instead. Participating in the “put your finger down if…” trends are a great way to get to know more about each other. Filming dancing TikToks not only leads to hundreds of takes and a lot of chaos, but also tons of uncontrollable laughter, which is what makes the best memories.

  4. 4. Decorate. Decorate. Decorate.

    assorted decorations on a white wall

    You really need to channel your inner Pinterest on this one! Put your inspo board making skills to use and go all out on decorating your apartment. It’s where you’ll be spending most of your time anyways, so you may as well go off on an aesthetic!

  5. 5. Have a movie night

    Selective Focus Photography of Popcorns

    This is the perfect way to wrap up a busy day of online schooling and studying. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, and let’s face it: nothing beats roommate cuddles! Share that popcorn, eat that ice cream right out of the container and put your feet up; you all deserve it!

Online classes will definitely take some getting used to, but hopefully these options offer you and your roommates some bonding (and sanity!) during this time!