5 Tips to Stay on Track this Semester

It's the start of a new semester, we're all overcome with a sense of motivation to stay organized and to actually read from our overly expensive textbooks. Fast-forward to the middle of the semester; that inner motivation has lessen, and pure exhaustion kicks in. Here are some tips and goals to keep in mind throughout the semester so that the mid-semester slump won’t be a thing anymore.


1. Change up your diet

Yes, we all love cheese curds and going to Sunday brunch, but don’t rely on fried or unhealthy food every day. If you live in an apartment, try cooking at home more; if you live in a dorm, try to find healthier options in the dining hall. It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes, but make an effort to eat healthier foods, even while stress-eating!


2. Keep your dorm/apartment clean

Achieving a clear mind calls for a clean living space. For me, it’s impossible to study or to even be in my room when it’s messy. Try to keep the space organized, especially if you prefer to study in dorms or apartment. Now, you can lock in and focus when it’s time to get things done.


3. Create a planner & keep up with a calendar

After syllabus week, mark all of the important dates for classes on your calendar! It helps with managing time conflicts and your work; keeping track of your work on paper allows you to remember every due date. Don’t rely on just remembering, because odds are, you won’t. Visuals motivate and help you stay on track.


4. Set an Exercise Routine

Most people have a love-hate relationship exercising, but it's still important for both the mind and body. Exercising helps reduce stress and retain focus. Keeping up with a routine is hard, but it adds a boost of confidence and determination! You can try different workouts, from yoga to cardio, to see what works best for you. There are plenty of places on campus to explore, from the Nat in Lakeshore to the gym in Ogg.  


5. Make Time for Friends and Extracurriculars

Studying is important, but your free time is, too! The student org fair is coming up Feb. 7, and you should try to stop by and look for some new clubs to join! It’s a great way to enjoy your free time and meet new people. Also, maintaining your current friendships is key to keeping a healthy mind. Friends are often the best cure for stress that comes with the school year.


College is a time to develop new life habits and grow as a person, so it’s important to think about yourself and your needs first at least for now! These routines may seem like big tasks to take up, but they will become second nature with the right mind and motivation. Plus, it’s the perfect time to implement these tips now that the new semester is here. Remember: Put yourself first, and the rest will follow!