5 Thoughtful DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Ahhhh, the holidays — they’re already here! If you’re anything like me, then you probably haven’t saved up as much money as you should’ve for presents (whoops). Here are some fun and thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend that you can make yourself, without breaking your bank. Hopefully you'll have a little extra cash leftover to gift yourself something this holiday season!

1.  Love Book Online

Love Book is a website that gives you the ability to make your own book for a significant other. You have the options to create your own pages or use pre-made pages on the website. It’s an adorable way to show him you love him by telling your relationship story, or one of your favorite memories. You have the option of getting it with a hard cover or a paperbac; you'll also get to pick from a variety of designs. This book will last a lifetime and will remind him how much you care about him year-round!


2. Handmade Scrapbook

Let’s be real here: we all went through a scrapbooking phase. I hope you saved up all the over-priced stickers and fun paper you splurged on, because they come in oh-so handy when you're trying to make a cute scrapbook for your boyfriend this holiday season! Print out all your favorite photos, journal about the moments and, of course, add a few fun stickers. He'll cherish the memories and the hard work you put into it!


3. Open When Letters

This gift is especially great for couples in long-distance relationships. Letters crafted for when he’s feeling sad, bored, happy, overwhelmed, etc. will help brighten his day when he can’t see your face. This gift will definitely save your budget and bring a smile to your face — and his.


4. Tie Blankets

If you’re just starting to date your guy, then a tie blanket is for sure the DIY gift for him! It’s cute and thoughtful, but also lighthearted enough if you don’t have major milestones to share with each other yet. It’s a great first gift because it shows that you care about him. Try picking out a fabric that fits his personality, too! If you’re struggling to find the right fabric, sports and sports teams are always a good go-to's.


5. A Note Jar

Note jars are usually considered an anniversary gift; however, they’re a great gift for the holidays too! Sharing all the little things you love about your boyfriend is meaningful and will bring him joy way past the holiday season. Get creative with the jar! Fill it with memories, song lyrics, little drawings — basically, all of the things you like about him. This jar is also affordable, which will probably fit your holiday budget — a win-win!


Now that you have some great DIY gifts for your man, you won't have to worry about budgeting for his holiday gift! Go hit up a craft store and start creating some of these thoughtful and fun gifts. Remember to treat yourself after with the extra cash you’re saving with these tips!