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5 Things Going to an All-Girls School Taught Me

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Growing up, I never understood the point of an all-girls school. If we want to empower women so they feel like they’re equally as capable as men, why separate us? I had always thought the best day of my life would be when I throw out my sailor-style uniform to go to a coed school; I’ve never realized how much my all-girls education has shaped me as a person. But, throughout my four years in high school, I began to see the significant impact my all-girls grammar school had on me — I had taken it for granted.


1. Talking about periods is not “weird.”

Talking about periods was never uncomfortable when I was constantly surrounded by girls. In society, discussing menstruation is a taboo, which never made sense to me. We all get ’em, so why be embarrassed?  


2. Always put your girlfriends first.

This one speaks for itself.


3. Self-love is okay!

People often see self-love as self-absorption, but loving yourself doesn’t mean you have a “huge ego.”


4. Never be afraid of speaking your mind.

My school’s motto — to “educate, encourage and empower girls” — celebrates girls’ voices; it teaches us to never be afraid to use them. Girls are always judged for having too strong of an opinion; but, having this in mind throughout high school taught me to speak my mind without fear.


5. I have never doubted my capabilities.

I never had to deal with the girls vs. boys mentality in school. The thought that I can’t achieve what a man can never crossed my mind.


Without the pressure to conform to society’s stereotypical expectations of what a woman should be doing, the idea that women were thought to be less capable never fazed me — even once I was in a coed classroom. While anyone can learn all of these concepts in a gender-mixed school, having female empowerment as such a central part of my education has engrained these lessons in me forever.