5 Things Badgers are (Kind of) Thankful for This Holiday Season

University of Wisconsin-Madison students have a lot to be thankful for; we attend a great school, have Bucky Badger as our mascot and arguably host the best tailgates for game days. However, there are even more things we are sort of thankful for that we often forget, so cheers to those things we can be kind of thankful for this holiday season. 


1. Not Getting Hit by a Bus This Semester:

Regina George, even after one semester here, all Badgers understand how easy it must have been to get hit by that bus (or “pushed by Cady”). I mean, of course, if you got hit by a bus on campus, there is the possibility of free tuition so I guess we can only kind of thankful. 


2. All the Poke Bowl Places

I have never even tried poke but when I do, thank goodness there are 20 in close proximity. It’s not like one of those poke shops could have been a Culvers instead…


3. Bars Cracking Down on Underagers:

Finally, bars can be a relaxing place for those of age where you don’t have to worry about an annoying freshman puking all over you after one White Claw — ruining your night. However, if you’re underage and like to go out — looks like you need to find a new weekend activity.


4. The Construction 

Construction shuts down multiple roads so Badgers are free to walk across the street without fear of getting hit by a car. Of course, construction inevitably is a pain, loud and makes the surrounding area smell weird, but thank goodness we can cross Mills on Johnson St. or University Ave. freely.


5. The Fact Football Season is (Almost) Over:

As sad as it is to say goodbye to spending Saturday with your favorite fellow Badgers, you would be lying if you said you didn’t need a break after losing our beloved axe to Minnesota. 


See Badgers, there are so many things we can be kind of thankful for this holiday season. Hopefully, your thankfulness will get you through finals and help you forget how painful the next week is about to be.