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5 Reasons North West is Way Cooler than Me

Twenty months—that is how long one of the most talked about babies, North West, has been on this earth and taking this world by storm (whether she knows it or not).  Besides having a cool name and having “not smiling makes me smile” Kanye West as a father and big-booty fur-bikini-wearing Kim Kardashian-West as a mother, she has been leading an insane life. From meeting the biggest names in Hollywood to attending New York Fashion Week, 1-year-old North West is and forever will be cooler than me, and here are 5 reasons why:

1.     From Alexander Wang to Givenchy, North West has sat on her mother’s lap front row at some of the most prestigious fashion shows. Not to mention she has sat next to Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj and posed for pictures with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, like Anna Wintour and Ricardo Tisci. I sat front row at Gap’s mini fashion show on State Street, am I cool yet? No, no I’m not.

2.     North West rolls up looking fly with her crew almost everywhere she goes. Her posse usually includes cousins Penelope and Mason Disick and sometimes Kardashian’s makeup artist’s son, Zepplin. When they aren’t wearing the cutest onesies, they are always dressed to the nines with fur coats and mini Doc Marten’s and looking as cool as ever, besides the fact that they are all under the age of 5. Can you say #squadgoals?

3.     Ok, this may be a stretch, but North West could not possibly be any cuter when she naps. When I nap, how I look resembles much of a scene from a scary movie. When she naps, she literally looks like an angel. Maybe that’s the baby in her, but she really does look fabulous, awake or sleeping. She is the epitome of Beyoncé’s song, wake up #flawless.

4.     As mentioned before, Nori (we’re on a nick-name basis now) is always dressed fabulously. Her closet could probably pay my college tuition. From fur coats to mini Celinè bags, to even having outfits custom made for her by notable fashion designers (cue Alexander Wang), she would show me up in a who-wore-it-better any day. My grandma knit me a scarf one time, and it was pretty epic.

5.     She has posed naked for Vogue. Ok it isn’t as bad as it sounds. She premiered one of her first pictures in the April 2014 spread alongside her parents Kanye and Kim. She was not even one year old before she was photographed by notable photographer Annie Leibovitz and featured in a magazine, not to mention looking fabulous while doing it. She has that Kardashian pout face and innate ability to always look good in photos in her genes. The closest I’ve come to being published is when there was a picture of me in my high school yearbook. Vogue, here I come!

I’ve done some pretty cool things in my 243 months on earth, but nowhere near to the life North West leads. With one year under her belt, I can’t wait to see how much cooler she gets and how much less cool she makes me seem. 

I am a senior at UW Madison and third year student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After pursuing a major in Strategic Communications and a certificate in digital studies, I'm hoping to be the next Chelsea Handler or get adopted by the Kardashian clan. When I'm not roaming Madison or doing school work, you can find me being cooler than my twin sister, taking selfies without any shame, or quoting Gilmore Girls on social media. I'm a lover of all things fashion, lifestyle and puppies. I'm so excited about being a writer for Her Campus and hope you enjoy all my thoughts and my attempts at being funny with you!
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