5 Reasons to Activate your FREE NYTimes Membership

If you’re a college student, chances are you are busy with the hustle and bustle of classes, social activities, and (if you’re lucky) sleep. A lot of students find it challenging to keep up with current events and news because of the demands their classes place on them. If this is starting to sound a lot like you, worry not! Her Campus has partnered with The New York Times to bring free online access to students here at UW Madison! To sign up for your free account, use this link: nytimes.com/uw-madison Below are five reasons signing up is most-definitely worth it.




  1. 1. It keeps you in the know

    How often have you heard people around you talking about a current event, but weren’t sure if you should chime in because you didn’t know much about it? This happens to people all the time! A great way to stay informed about what’s happening in the world is to check a reputable and trustworthy source like the NYTimes. Personally, I signed up for their daily briefings and it was life changing. They give you a brief rundown of all the headlines to watch for the day, dropped right into your inbox every morning.


  2. 2. They do more than just news

    The NYTimes has so. much. to. offer. They have fashion sections, they have culture sections, they have business sections. Pretty much anything you can think of, the NYTimes probably has it. I’ve been a subscriber for about a year now, and even just on the front page of the website there is so much variety!

  3. 3. There's a matching podcast

    The Daily is a super popular podcast produced by the NYTimes that gives you a 20 minute story relevant to current events every day. The show is casual yet informative, and it really breaks down some complex issues in a way you can understand, even if it’s not something you’re really familiar with

  4. 4. By subscribing, you’re supporting the news

  5. 5. Being culturally and politically active is cool  

    Gone are the days we got to sit as kids, in the oblivious bubble of childhood. Now, as young adults, it’s our job to prove that our generation is passionate, informed and that we will make our voices heard. I know I’ve been told countless times that my opinion on something isn’t as valid because I’m “not old enough” or “haven’t lived in the real world yet” (insert eye roll). When you have a source like the NYTimes to back you up, it becomes so much harder for someone to discredit you on account of your age.

If you haven’t already signed up for your free membership, well, to be frank, what are you doing? This is an incredible opportunity and comes at 0 cost to you! So, hit the link and start becoming a ~well-read adult~ today!

Alright, one last time for the people in the back, here is the link! nytimes.com/uw-madison