5 Products To Keep Your Skin Healthy During the Winter Months

Keeping my skin moisturized and healthy during the winter months has always been a huge struggle for me. After doing plenty of research, I discovered five products that have helped me maintain glowing and hydrated skin during the brutally cold winter months, especially now living in Wisconsin. These products are meant to keep drier skin moisturized but since cold weather causes oily skin to lack moisture as well, I recommend trying these products regardless of your skin type. These products are all college-budget friendly and experimented with by yours truly. With that being said, let's continue with my findings for the best skin care products for the chilly winter months. 

  1. Something super influential that I have learned on my skincare journey is that using sunscreen daily is one of the most important steps that you should include in your skincare routine. Wearing sunscreen everyday will help your skin avoid wrinkles, sunspots and skin damage in general. The SunBum Mineral sunscreen includes coconut oil which is perfect for keeping your skin packed with moisture to endure the harsh winds of Madison, Wisconsin. I recommend putting on this sunscreen every morning after washing your face but before putting on any makeup.

  2. I want to start off by saying that I absolutely live by this product, so I might be a bit biased. Being someone who has dry skin, the moisturizing cream does a great job of leaving my skin feeling perfectly hydrated. I use this product twice a day, morning and night, but to people with oily skin I would recommend to use this product once a day depending on how it affects your skin. Some critics have said that this product is too heavy for them, so if you find yourself feeling this way or have really oily skin, try using the CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion which is lighter and thinner on the skin. 

  3. Facial oil with rose petals

    Tea Tree oil is the perfect product to keep your skin looking smooth and balanced. I like to refer to this product as my real life facetune because it gets rid of acne scars, acne, bumps and redness. Not only does this product work at taking away your blemishes, but it also keeps your skin hydrated without leaving it oily. I personally use this product right before bed and it leaves me feeling refreshed and waking up in the morning with bright skin. You can use this product by mixing it with your moisturizer or applying a small drop to your trouble spots. 

  4. assorted-color fragrance bottle photo

    La Roche-Posay cleanser is recommended by one of my favorite skincare youtubers- Hyram. Hyram is someone who I have watched all throughout my skincare journey, so naturally I had to try this product. I was pleasantly surprised with the results this product gave my skin. This product is amazing at leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated. I use this cleanser in the morning and before bed. This cleanser does a great job of not leaving my skin feeling cracked or dry which is perfect for the winter months. 

  5. This product is perfect for both makeup users and non-makeup users. These wipes do a great job at removing all of your makeup but also cleaning your face any oil and dirt at the same time. These wipes include coconut and lotus water so they also moisturize your skin, it’s the best of both worlds. I would say I use these wipes twice a day, but I honestly just use these wipes all throughout the day especially if my skin feels extra dirty. On usual days, I will use these wipes in the morning to get rid of any excess product from the night before and also to remove my makeup and start the cleaning process of my skin before bed.

That’s a wrap! By using all these products in my daily skincare routine, I have been able to keep my skin feeling healthy and hydrated during these extremely cold winter days- negative degree weather may I add. Obviously everyone’s skin is different so it will take some trial and error with all skincare products to find the right ones for you and your specific skin type. These recommendations could be a starting point at finding your own favorite products or you might find that they work perfectly for your skin as well.