5 Hairstyles for When You Have No Time

It’s one equation we all know — late night + 8 a.m. class next day = bad hair day! The life of a student is busy and messy in general, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be one too. There are many hairstyles that are different from your standard ponytail or messy bun that will turn any day into a good hair day. If you are looking for fast and simple hairstyles to try next week, I’ve got you covered. 

1. Half-Up  Let your hair down — well some of it. Put some hair in a simple ponytail or a bun like above. Another way to style your hair half up is adding some braids into the style. Quick, easy, and it looks cute!

2. Twisted Ponytail  Hot after walking all the way up Bascom? Throw your hair up into this cute ponytail for a cute “twist” on the simple ponytail. 

3. Crimped Hair After Braiding This is possibly one of my favorites! Brush your hair when it’s wet, then throw it into some braids. All that’s left for the next morning is to take the braids out; less time for getting ready in the morning means more time for sleeping in! Tips: Brush as little as possible if any, otherwise it will get poofy. If it does, just put water in it. 

4. Use a Headband There are so many cute and stylish headbands these days. When your hair just won’t lay right (and we’ve all been there) there’s very little that a cute headband can’t fix. 

5. Pull Front Pieces of Hair Back

Twisted pieces of hair, braids pulled back, or just pulling back a few strands can change your whole look in a matter of minutes. Side bangs won’t lay right? Try this look! Aside from just looking cute, sometimes hair being pulled back for a while helps to put those bangs back into their place when you let your hair down. 

Next time you are running out to get to your next class, try one of these cute styles to amp up your whole outfit! You won’t have a bad hair day ever again with these five simple hairdos.