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5 fashion blogs you should be reading

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

1. Gal Meets Glam
Check out “Gal Meets Glam” for fashion inspiration that’s equal parts “girly” and “glam!” Julia Engel, the blog’s author, and college student, constantly creates simple but fun looks, featuring photo shoots of herself several times a week.

2. Lemons and Loafers
Looking for some variety in your fashion blog reading experience? Explore this blog for outfit ideas and recipes! Julia, the blog’s author, includes photo shoots of her own looks as well as product suggestions and recipes. It’s very relatable and easy-to-read!

3. Blonde Bows & Sequins
Is your style fun and basic, but still on-trend? Then you’ll love Blonde Bows & Sequins. The author, Jessica, is a Midwestern girl (from Chicago). Her style reflects that of many girls at UW; and I think almost anyone could relate to her! She features outfits she picks out herself, including a lot of J. Crew and fun jewelry pieces from Baublebar! 

4. Love, Blair
Are you edgy and eclectic? Love trying new nail designs? Then this is the blog for you! This blog offers numerous tutorials for edgy nails, as well as unique, and well put-together outfit ideas. 

5. Preppy Delight
Does your style revolve around J.Crew and Sperry’s? Then this is the blog for you! Check out “Preppy Delight”  for various preppy product ideas and outfit inspiration!