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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Here are some tips if you are planning on attending the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

The Eras Tour has begun! After the great war of Ticketmaster, Taylor Swift has begun her world tour that will run through August. Since the pandemic, Taylor has gained lots of new listeners and fans that may be attending her concert for the first time. As someone who has seen Taylor three times and is going to the Eras Tour three times, here are my tips for attendees of the Eras Tour!

1. If you don’t have tickets, don’t fret! 

Tickets become available all the time. I got my first round of tickets through the Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale, my second round of tickets through my friend receiving a special opportunity email from Ticketmaster, and my third round from Seatgeek. Capital One has also partnered with Taylor to give out tickets through various social media contests. Tickets can also be won through radio stations. I would recommend avoiding Facebook group resellers as they are often a scam and charge too much. Tickets on SeatGeek and Stubhub have already started decreasing, and will likely get cheaper and more affordable the day before and the day of the show. The key is to be patient and flexible. Ticket buying can still happen anytime before the show. 

2. If you have tickets to the show, get there early! 

Parking can be extremely busy, and it can be difficult to get in and out of the parking lots. It is smart to get there early to have ample time to get into the stadium, get your bag and tickets checked, go to the bathroom, and buy merch. Also, I recommend watching the opening acts! Taylor always has really good opening acts with big names like Paramore and Phoebe Bridgers joining her on this tour. You might even find your new favorite artist. They also have photo ops placed around the stadium and Taylor-themed food and beverages for purchase. Side note: do not camp out! Most stadiums do not allow it and Taylor concerts are fun from whatever seat you are in! 

3. Check your stadium’s bag policy. 

Many stadiums only allow clear bags of a certain size. I would recommend bringing a small clear bag. Many are available on Amazon. In that bag, I would pack a portable charger, rain poncho, camera, some makeup for touch-ups and earplugs (if needed). This tour is happening in the summer and venues can get very hot. Concerts often happen rain or shine, so it’s best to always be prepared. 

4. Have fun with your outfit. 

The Eras Tour is the Met Gala for Swifties. Fans are known for dressing up in costumes that resemble different Taylor fashion moments. There are so many different ways to dress and so much room for creativity. I recommend looking on TikTok as many people post their outfits, and Taylor even likes a lot of their videos. 

5. Learn the chants. 

Swifties have certain chants that they do through Taylor’s setlist. An example of that is during the Reputation Stadium Tour, a fan screamed “1, 2, 3, let’s go b****” between the first verse and chorus of “Delicate”. This was adopted by the fans and Taylor herself and now the whole arena screams it between songs. A new chant that started recently was yelling “Taylor you’ll be fine” between the second verse and chorus of the song “Anti-Hero”. I recommend looking on TikTok for examples of these chants. 

If you are attending the Eras Tour, I hope you have so much fun! A Taylor Swift concert is a concert unlike any other and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Dance like nobody’s watching, sing at the top of your lungs, and remember it all too well.

Courtney Shady

Wisconsin '23

Courtney is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying psychology, education, and gender and women’s studies. She is from the suburbs of Milwaukee. In her free time, she enjoys drinking coffee, going to concerts, and loves hanging out with friends.