5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas You Should Try



Halloween is quickly approaching, which means that you need to actually start putting together costumes. During college, it can be a challenge to find the time to create a creative or complex costume. But luckily, makeup can easily enhance any costume look. While those makeup tutorials online can seem daunting, there is no need to fear because there are ways to create the perfect Halloween looks with the simplest makeup skills. The best part is that these looks are also doable with the makeup you already own. So, you can either make this the perfect excuse to splurge on a new palette or just use your go-to eyeliner. Here are some classic Halloween makeup looks perfect for makeup artists of all skill levels to recreate:


1. Cat/ Cheetah  

Cat costumes are classic for Halloween, but if you’re looking to boost this look beyond the simple cat ears, just add some “leveled up” cat makeup! All you need is to create the perfect smokey eye and utilize a black liquid eyeliner for the whiskers and nose. If you’re feeling “wild,” add some cheetah spots to the side of your face; to get this look, take some brown eyeshadow and put dots on the side of your face, then, outline those dots with black eyeliner and fill again with gold creme shadow.


2. Vampire

The core of Halloween is horror after all, so why not channel your inner dark side with this vampire makeup look. Again, this can be done with the makeup you currently have! Opt for dark shades of black, grey and red for the eyes and trickle down the black or red eyeshadow with vein-like lines. Another tip is to finish off the look with any suitable shade of red or dark purple lipstick.


3. Scarecrow  

Another very easy and classic Halloween makeup idea. If you are going for the scarecrow look, then the makeup is a must. All you need is to outline patches with black eyeliner and then fill them in with an eyeshadow color of your choice.


4. Skeleton

Usually, skeleton makeup looks seem way too complicated and following those tutorials can get daunting real quick. However, there is a simple yet striking way to pull off this makeup look. First, make sure to contour your cheeks a lot to create that sunken look. Then just add black eyeshadow around the eyes and paint your nose to look like a skeleton nose with black liquid eyeliner or creme shadow. Lastly, put on a nude shade of lipstick and then draw over your lips with black lines to create skull teeth. The results really capture the chilling creepiness of Halloween.


5. Mermaid  

This one may seem like it needs a high skill level, but that isn’t true at all. What’s great about this look is that it seems more complicated than it actually is. Use fishnet tights to outline the scales and fill in with a colorful eyeshadow of your choice. Then add the extra details like shiny glitter and sparkling jewels. There is no wrong way to pull of this look and if anything, the more sparkle, the better! This fun look truly allows you to look and feel magical.


Makeup can make all the difference in a Halloween look. It truly completes the costume’s aesthetic and can transform the impact of an outfit. If you’re already planning on doing one of these costumes, then why not try out some makeup? The best part? The cost is up to you because mostly all the supplies you need are already in your makeup bag!