5 DIY Ways to Brighten Your Wardrobe


The stretch from February to April can feel pretty “blah” in Wisconsin, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. You’re probably starting to get tired of the pieces you’ve been wearing all season but aren’t sure whether or not to look for new items for the last few dwindling weeks of winter. Though we may not be shifting our closets to shorts and tanks yet, we can still come up with ways to switch up our wardrobes! Check out these DIY ways to help you brighten your closet and make it your own in the final months of winter!  


1. Embroidery

Pick out a pair of jeans you once loved and want to update, or a simple tote that you want to dress up. Then, get embroidering! Embroidery is a fun way to add a lovely pop of color and unique design to your over worn pieces that will make them feel like new! Whether it’s flowers or a phrase, you’re sure to add a unique element to any piece you choose. Plus, it’s not too tricky to learn with the tutorials listed below!

Some of Our Favorite Embroidery Tutorials :

· Lauren Conrad - DIY Hand Embroidered Denim

· The Thrifty Kiwi – 50 Easy DIY Embroidery Shirt Designs You Can Do By Hand


2. Painting

Not so sure about your needlepoint abilities? Try out painting your clothes instead! This is another easy way to add something fun and personal to your wardrobe, making it all the more enjoyable to wear. This is not only a great way to keep your closet fresh, but also a fun craft for a not-so-busy weekend!


3. Patchwork  

Though the holey jeans trend is extremely cute and one we love, it’s not completely practical for Wisconsinites at this time of year. A fun way to rid of those unwanted holes in your jeans is with some patchwork! If you have sheets or dish towels with a cute pattern sitting around, this is the perfect project for you. Get stitching and add some sunshine to your jeans!


4. Screen Printing

Have a spare white tee or tank that you’re tired of wearing? Not sure what to do with your plain canvas bag? Screen printing is a fun way to add your own designs or favorite quotes to any piece of clothing!  It’s the perfect weekend project if you don’t have much to do. While it involves a few extra steps and materials, it’s perfect for all the crafters out there.

Some of our favorite screen printing tutorials:

· Crafts Unleashed - How to Screen Print: 14 DIY Projects

· I Like to Make Stuff – How to screen print your own t-shirts  


5. Jewelry Making

Sometimes, a beautiful piece of jewelry is all you need to make an outfit. Try making your own pieces to make your look feel even more special this winter! It’s a great way to add some color to your outfits and a personal touch to your jewelry collection. Check out some fun ideas below!

Some of our favorite DIY jewelry tutorials:

· Made in a Day – DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings (pictured above!)

· Poppytalk – DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet

· Brit+Co – DIY Woven Necklace


So, if this winter has got you in a bit of a wardrobe slump, take a shot at any one of these projects to update your closet! You’ll feel your clothes and your mood brighten with these fun DIY projects.