4 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Look For the Upcoming Summer Season

It is completely possible that the majority of my friends will never see me wear the same outfit twice. It’s not a rule I’ve made or anything silly, it’s just that over the years I have acquired quite the collection; however, there are some staple pieces and accessories that I think add that needed “something extra” to any outfit, or help refine old clothes.

  1. 1. Belt With Some Interest

    If I just want to tuck my white t-shirt into my comfiest pair of jeans or shorts, this is usually the accessory I grab. A detailed belt buckle can add a bit of interest to any primarily solid color outfit, or you can get a little creative with a boldly-colored belt as a statement piece. I have a belt very similar to the one pictured from H&M that only cost me $7!

  2. 2. Tall Socks, White Sneakers, That’s It!

    I don’t know how or why I started doing this. I have a ton of kind of goofy and colorful socks that I like to throw on with my favorite pair of Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers. I get compliments frequently when I pair them with a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt. If there’s something worth dropping just a little bit extra on, it is most definitely a good pair of shoes. The pair that’s pictured is from Urban Outfitters for $70, but Reebok also carries a very similar pair for $50.


    NOTE: I swear by the Reebok Classic’s because THEY STAY WHITE! I am extremely clumsy and messy, and they’re extremely resilient to my consistent, relentless abuse. Thank you, Reebok!

  3. 3. Layer ‘em Up!

    I have a preference for silver when it comes to layering my necklaces just because I think it looks more simple and sleek. Layering necklaces is just a bit more fun because you can mix and match all your stuff while adding your own style to your combinations. This tip really just gives you that feeling of having a complete look, no matter what you’re wearing. The easiest, cheapest, still-cute-but-you-won’t-be-mad-if-you-lost-it jewelry shop is Forever 21.

  4. 4. Repurpose Your Tees

    My roommate is actually the queen of cropping everything in her sight, but I’m not exactly mad about it. I never really realized how many very-occasionally-worn t-shirts I owned. Whether it was the wrong shape for me or a tiny stain on the bottom, I found that if I cropped it or wore it over a turtleneck or long-sleeve shirt it felt like a new piece. Sometimes cropping an old shirt can be just as good as a new one!

Try these tips to help you to boost your look without breaking the bank!