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3 Ways to Manage a Busy Schedule

Around this time of year, things start to become increasingly stressful for many students. There’s rounds of midterms that don’t seem to end, chores that continue to pile up, and strange sleeping and eating habits that are slowly consuming us. It’s difficult to try and make time for everything, and sometimes it seems nearly impossible. Learning how to handle a busy schedule will help make these stressful times a little more smooth sailing.


Make to-do lists

With busy schedules, it’s very easy to forget exactly what needs to be done, especially when things range from homework to chores, to paying bills. Creating a to-do list is very helpful in this case! Every Sunday evening, I try to look at my week ahead and write up what needs to be done by which date. I typically make weekly to-do lists, but it may be helpful for others to have daily ones! It’s all up to personal preference. Although mine are on paper, there are many apps you can download so you always have it on the go. Crossing things off after they have been completed is such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

Don’t try to do everything at once! This is a skill that is important to know, especially with increasing responsibilities. You must know which things on your daily or weekly schedules hold the most weight. These are the things that you should be spending the most time on. Priorities are ever changing. too, so just because something doesn’t hold a lot of weight right now, doesn’t mean that it’ll be like that in the future. Learning how to prioritize helps bring balance to your life and can make things a little less stressful too.

Don’t overwhelm yourself

A large list of tasks can seem extremely daunting! Be sure to always put your stability and mental health first. Take time out of the day to just sit back and reflect on the moment that you’re currently in. Don’t think of the future or the past, just this exact moment. Ask yourself how you’re feeling. Always challenge yourself, but don’t push yourself over the edge. Take breathers and time to relax, because that will help you be more productive. When you take breaks, you’re able to recoup energy and then continue working! 

As we slowly enter adulthood, our list of tasks seems never ending. Although this can be overwhelming at first, over time, with the correct techniques and a little bit of advice, hopefully we are all ready to skillfully handle busy schedules!

Vidhi Shah

Wisconsin '22

Vidhi is currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She loves hanging out with her friends, traveling, and trying out new coffee shops. She is also a big fan of nights on the Terrace by the lake.
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