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In the long line of mystery meat, chewy vegetables and brown mash there are some gems in the rough

College is great, except for the food. Going from fresh, healthy food at home to frozen packaged food can be a big adjustment. This is one thing that I have struggled with and I would love to share my tricks with you. 

1. Sandwich Bar

One thing that I have found super helpful for fresh, healthy eating is the sandwich bar. The old classic that used to make up many of my high school lunches has turned into a college staple. I am able to control what I put on it and how it is made. This helps me make conscious decisions of what is going into my body. My classic is turkey and provolone on multigrain. I then add lots of toppings such as spinach, lettuce, peppers and pickles. If they do not include these at the sandwich station, my school offers good vegetables in the salad bar. This helps add extra vitamins to a classic. 

2. Dry cereal

Another thing that I really find helpful is dry cereal. This is a great snack and dessert. At the Madison dining hall, there are lots of cookies, pie and cake. But I often look for a healthier option but will still help curve my sweet craving. My favorite type of cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats. They include iron, whole grains and fiber. This is one of my favorite hacks for eating a little healthier in the dining hall. 

3. Yogurt

Lastly, I have been able to find good protein and dairy with yogurt. This is often overlooked, but I have found a lot of joy in this forgotten snack. I’ve found this to be a great side. Yogurt provides great nutrients and can be updated and changed daily. My favorite at the moment is vanilla yogurt with any fruit available. Another version is vanilla with chocolate chips.This is a fresh snack to enjoy during the day. 

Even though sometimes you are just eating to survive, there are definitely things that are worth trying. They might be a little forgotten or out of the blue, but joy can be found in healthy, fresh food. 

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