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24 Excuses for When You Really Don’t Want to Go Out

It’s Saturday night, and your girls just texted you begging you to come out with them. We all know that blowing off steam after a long week of school is usually the highlight of the week, but sometimes it’s exhausting and all you really want is a night to relax. Here are a few ways to let your friends down easy and have a quiet night to yourself:

1.     “It’s laundry day and I have nothing to wear.”

2.     “I gave it up for Lent.”

3.     “Netflix.”

4.     “My pet is sick.”

5.     “I have to study.”

6.     “I have to organize my towels.”

7.     “I have jury duty.”

8.     “I’m grounded.”

9.     “I have to get up early.”

10. “I’m going away for the weekend.”

11. “I have to work.”

12. “Sweatpants are all that fit me right now.”

13. “I have a hangnail”

14. “I have to drink all my milk before it expires.”

15. “I have play practice.”

16. “I’m tired.”

17. “Someone I don’t like is going to be there.”

18. “Nickelback is in town.”

19. “My apartment flooded.”

20. “I ate too much.”

21. “I’m having a bad hair day.”

22. “It’s raining.”

23. “My horoscope says I shouldn’t go out tonight.”

24. “I just really don’t want to.”


There’s no shame in using one—or all—of these excuses, so go put on your comfiest sweatpants and enjoy what is sure to be a fabulous night in.

Kara is a junior at UW Madison studying Strategic Communication and Spanish. She enjoys breakfast food, Harry Potter, singing off-pitch and the company of great friends. She aspires to become Queen of the World but if for some reason that doesn't work out she will settle for Advertiser Extraordinaire.
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