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21 Tiny Tattoos to Every Outdoorsy Girl Should Commit To

Tiny tattoos are all the rage right now. They’re low commitment, low cost and, of course, adorable.  Tiny tattoos are a perfect outlet to express yourself, so why not show off your eternal love for the outdoors?  Whether you’re a hiker, a surfer or bird watcher, there’s a tiny tattoo that’ll fit your personality perfectly.

1. Trees

Who doesn’t love trees?  These tattoos are simple and pay homage to the forester in all of us.

2. Mountains

Whether you’re a skier, climber or any snow-capped lover, a teeny mountain on your bod is bound to make you stand taller.

3. Flowers

Have you ever walked through a meadow filled with flowers on a summer day? ‘Nuff said.

4. Insects

Sounds gross, right?  WRONG!  Every nature girl knows bugs come with the outdoors, and frankly, these tats are too good to not consider. 


5. Water

Lakes, ponds, oceans and waves.  You’re love of water means you’re an easy breezy girl, so ink yourself with something that reflects that. 



6. Animals

Animal lover?  Yeah, we thought so.




Tattoos are all about showing off your personality and what you love, and nature can always use some extra lovin’.  So, why not express yourself with a *little* ink? 


Olivia is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with big aspirations in PR and advertising. With a love for writing, beauty and confidence, she’s making it through college one step at a time.
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