2017 Fashion Trends as told by Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

The fashion industry must be experiencing some major deja vu with so many trends this year being recycled from just two decades ago. Although not everything is back en vogue (I’m looking at you, over-plucked eyebrows), we found some serious parallels between the wardrobes of 90s TV characters and this year’s styles.  

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Choker Necklaces

A black choker was Sabrina’s accessory of choice as she navigated high school and cast spells in the 90s.Today, chokers are again super trendy and add a bit of soft grunge to your going-out look. Baywatch: One Piece Swimsuits

Back in the day, Pamela Anderson and company wore high-cut red swimsuits as their lifeguard uniforms.   Today, beachgoers are swapping out their bikinis for scoop-neck one-pieces with clever slogans.   Full House: Scrunchies

The teased ponytails of the Tanner sisters were often accented with colorful scrunchies.   Now, these velvet, oversized hair ties are back, as the world has realized (once again) that the scrunchy is the most comfortable way to pull your hair back--like, ever.   Saved By The Bell: Off-The-Shoulder Tops

The sweetheart of Bayside High School loved to show off her California tan in shoulder-baring shirts.  Today, the off-the-shoulder look is back in full swing. This model is giving us serious Kelly Kapowski vibes with her ruffle crop top and high-waisted denim skirt.     They say history repeats itself, and we’d have to agree. Are velour tracksuits and Ugg boots (the epitome of 2000s fashion, of course) up next for a trend revival? Only time will tell...

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