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15 Things Only UW-Madison Students Understand

No matter if you’re a first or fifth year student, you know what it’s like to go to such a unique school. From the daily struggles to the everlasting pride, you understand what it’s like to be a Badger.

1. Walking up Bascom has to burn more than one Cheeto.


2. The bridge over University — nobody used it, but everyone misses it.

3. 80 is both a despised and loved number.

4. The first weekend of May is the game day of Spring.

5. “I’m going to college” actually means you’re going to the library.

6. Is Humanities ever going to be rebuilt or will it just keep falling apart?

7. Nothing is luckier than Abe’s toe.


8. It’s irritating when other schools play “Jump Around.”

9. Even our waffles show their Wisconsin love.

10. “The Slums” is the place to be sophomore year.

11. Grainger makes you feel like you’re still in high school.


12. The food trucks are the best place to eat on campus. 

13. Southeast and Lakeshore — the best of both worlds.

14. The sunset view from the Terrace accompanied by a pitcher.

15. The pride of singing “Varsity”… because Madison really is the best school around.



Despite the everyday struggles on campus, UW-Madison really is the place to spend the best years of your life!

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