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12 Activities for Your Spring Break Staycation

Not traveling anywhere for spring break is sometimes the best! Think about all that money you’re saving—and you have unlimited amounts of free time to do whatever you feel like whenever you want. Don’t set your alarm and stay up however late you feel. If you feel like you have nothing to do and are bummed about it, trust me, there is plenty—and here are some of the best ideas.


1. Self Care

Taking a break from school and hitting the reset button is just as important as having fun during spring break. Treat yourself and enjoy this time without any midterms or pressing deadlines. Go get your nails done or book a massage at your local salon. You could even host a spa night for yourself or with your friends. Throw on some face masks and relax. To really get into relaxation mode, find a yoga class—YouTube videos or visiting your local studio are both great options. Last but not least, grab that book you’ve been wanting to read for the past couple months and spend some time reading.


2. Volunteer

Spend some time doing good for your community and build up that resume. Hit up your local shelters and see if they need some help during this harsh winter. Helping hand out food at homeless shelters or helping dogs and cats at the humane society are all great ways to make a positive impact in your community.


3. Go to the movie theater

The following movies are in theaters near you during spring break:

Captain Marvel—On my watch list!

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

A Madea Family Funeral

The Lego Movie 2

Isn’t It Romantic

Five Feet Apart

Happy Death Day

What Men Want

A Star Is Born – Highly recommended!

Mary Poppins Returns

A Dog’s Way Home


4. Drink and Paint

Grab your friends or take a solo trip. You don’t have to be an artist either, many places have step-by-step instructions and people who will help you. The wine, or your choice of drink, will also help to tap into your creative side. Many places are family-friendly, with a certain time of night that you must be 21+ or with an adult.


5. Go bowling

I can barely score 100, but I still always have a blast while bowling with friends. Bumpers or no bumpers, just have fun with it. Get those turkeys!


6.  Hit up your hometown bars with high school friends

Scott E’s Pub is a popular go-to around my area and if you’re in Milwaukee, At Random has a lot of fun drinks, such as spiked milkshakes. Celebrate St. Patty’s day—Dilly Dilly!


7. Take your dog for a walk  

Weather permitting, and watch for salt on paws! Buying a balm for your puppy’s paws or little booties can make your walks with them much more enjoyable and safe. Spending time with my animals is the first thing I’m doing when I get back home!


8. Make music playlists

This is something I always want to do but never can fathom spending the time doing it. Study playlist, workout playlist, party playlist—make them all!


9. Catch up and get ahead in classes

This might not be the most fun out of these options, but it can take extra stress off your shoulders for when you have to go back after break is over. Get ahead in what you can and catch up on those “assigned” readings while you have the time to.


10. Babysit/Dogsit to make some extra cash

Making some extra spending money is always a good idea, especially when you get back and your friends want to make an ice cream run. Another good idea is to offer to snowplow for your neighbors—but let’s hope it’s still not snowing by then!


11.  Go through your stuff and pick things to donate to Goodwill

You’ve got the time and we all know you have a bunch of things you’re not actually using in your closet. It’s time to let go and donate these items and hope they can help someone else when they find a new home.


12.  Catch up with that old high school friend

Grab a coffee or some ice cream, and sit down and chat with your friends. While we’re away at college we often grow apart from old friends—but that doesn’t have to happen. You’re at home, call up and chill with your old buddies.  


We have a whole week to let loose and have fun! Time to unwind before midterms start up again. Also, another positive note is that once spring break is over, we have only about a month left of school. We can do this. You got this, Badgers! What will you be doing this spring break?


Laura Dirk

Wisconsin '21

Hi! I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying biology. I am crossing my fingers to get into vet school to continue my education and follow my dream! Follow along my rollercoaster of college with me through my articles, learn new tips and tricks, learn from my mistakes, be inspired!
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