The 11 Types of Guys You Will Date in College

College is the time to find yourself, and if you watch any college-aged rom-coms, it is also the supposed time to find the man of your dreams. While I am not promising that this will happen, I am promising that while dating in college, you are bound to run into these 11 types of men and relationships.

  1. 1. The Ghost

    man in black shirt smiling down at his cell phone

    One day you’re together and everything seems perfect, and the next day he is nowhere to be found. You message him a couple of times before eventually giving up.

    You wonder if he slipped into a coma, if he broke his phone or if he somehow lost your number. However, after trying to convince yourself that these are reasonable excuses, you realize that you have been ghosted.

    Sure, it is a sh*tty situation, and sure, it makes you feel equally as sh*tty, but you get over this relationship after a couple of weeks.

    There was no hard conversation about why you were ending things, so you can’t dwell on it too long.

  2. 2. The “He’s Just Not That Into You”

    You’re really into him, so you spend most of your time messaging him first and making plans for the two of you. To you, he is perfect and the catch of a lifetime, which is why you don’t mind making all the plans at first.

    However, once you stop initiating the conversation, you realize how much he isn’t making an effort, and no matter how hard you try to make him like you, he is just not that into you.

    Like the classic movie about men not liking you back (aka He’s Just Not That Into You) says, “So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a sh*t, he genuinely doesn’t give a sh*t. No exceptions.”

  3. 3. The Fizzle Out

    It really wasn’t him who ended the relationship, and it really wasn’t you either. You had something good going, but with college, you both became increasingly busy.

    The conversation just became less and less consistent as did your time hanging out. Then one day you just realize that you haven’t spoken in two weeks.

    There are no hard feelings with this relationship, just a lot of questions and thoughts of what-ifs.

  4. 4. The Nice Guy

    Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Couple Laughing With Milkshakes

    This guy is basically perfect in every way. He makes you laugh, tears up the dance floor downtown at the bars and always knows the right thing to say. He never makes you sad or question what you have because he makes it clear as to what you are to him right away.

    This relationship has the potential to be in it for the long-haul, but if you do end up breaking up, you have no hard feelings and only wish him the best because he is that nice.

  5. 5. The Almost

    Okay so you don’t actually date him, but you have almost dated five times, but neither of you could ever make the commitment. You have wonderful conversations, but when the other gets too flirty, you both immediately back off and retreat. Why? Because having them as a safety net male friend serves you better than an unpredictable relationship would.

    You maybe could have had a decent relationship, but the time to think about that is for later. As of right now, he is just the Almost.

  6. 6. The Smarty Pants

    The Lalastack Of Old Books And Glasses

    We all need a smart boy in our lives. One, he is really going places, and two, he is too busy studying to be talking to another girl. However, you often feel like you are competing for his attention with studying, and if you are not studying, you feel guilty. He enjoys spending his weekends at the libraries while you would much rather be out exploring.

    While you’re slightly sad that this relationship ends (as is your mom because of reason one: he is really going places), you realize that your interests did not align and everyone is better off that you’re not together.

  7. 7. The Partier

    When you start dating the partier (aka the man that is out on the town more than half of the week), your weekly allowance doubles as you need more money to pay for all those drinks at the bar. However, he is friends with everyone, which allows you to meet a lot of awesome people too.

    After one to many weeknights out on the town, you realize he probably needs Alcoholics Anonymous more than he needs you.

  8. 8. The Cheater

    Queue Taylor Swift’s “Picture to Burn.”

    Being cheated on never feels good, but sadly, you are bound to run into one college relationship where it does happen. At first, he seems smooth, charismatic and a little secretive — which you like! What is he hiding? Eventually, you find out that the secret is that he is seeing five other girls behind your back.

  9. 9. The You’re Just Not That Into Him

    close up on woman holding smart phone in hands

    He is nice and cute enough, but there just isn’t the spark that you have already felt before or people tell you that you will feel. He constantly texts you first, and instead of being excited by this, you are annoyed and wish he would stop.

    Until you finally work the nerve up to just tell him how you actually feel, you are left in a mediocre relationship that is dry and boring.

  10. 10. The No Plans After Graduation Guy

    He is the guy that your parents dream of you not dating. However, something about his edginess and free spirit encapsulates you. He talks of traveling the world and not giving into the 9 to 5 lifestyle. You have deep talks about life and believe that anything is possible as long as you’re with him.

    Later down the road, you’ll laugh that you ever thought he could be the one, and when you check up on his Facebook, he is still living with his parents.

  11. 11. The Wannabe Athlete

    He works out all the time, which you don’t mind at first because he is ripped. However, all he talks about is sports and working out. He checks himself out in the mirror more than he does you, and sometimes, his gym schedule seems to be more important to him than you do. Eventually, you begin to question your own healthy habits and if you’re up to par with his physicality.

    When this relationship ends your torn between eating ice cream or carrots as a coping mechanism.  

a woman sits on the edge of a deck overlooking the forestFinding love is hard, and we all have to go through a lot of dudes before we find the right one. Until that day, though, embrace all of the crazy college dating experience.