11 Thoughts on The Bachelor Season 22

Mondays are for The Bachelor. Thousands gather together in front of their televisions with their glasses of wine to see 29 girls fight for the love of one man. The idea of the show is a little bit ridiculous, but it’s so addicting — I can never miss an episode. Here are just a few thoughts I have gathered about this season, as we're inching closer and closer to the finale:

1. “Arie is old!”  

Agreed. Arie, at the age of 36, seems too old for these girls. Most of the girls are in their twenties. Even though age is just a number, a lot of these girls don’t seem mature enough for Arie. *cough cough* Bekah M. *cough cough* This leads us to our next thought…


2. “Why is Bekah still here? She’s basically a baby!”

She just revealed that she’s a mere 22-years-old, and somehow Arie didn’t send her home until recently. He had good reasoning and contemplated his decision for a long time, but he should have gone with his gut. Her high school/college mannerisms weren't going to be a good match for Arie anyways, who ultimately wants a wife at the end of the season.


3. “How dare he send home Caroline, she and Tia are best friends!”

This was also my response to this heartbreaking moment of The Bachelor. I wondered how Marikh and Ashley are still on the show while some of the girls who actually talk to Arie are getting sent home. Oh, and…


4. “Who is Jacqueline???”

For a long time, the mystery girl who makes only rare on-screen appearances was still on the show. Did he not have any memory of her? Did he just decide to keep her around in case she turns out to be amazing?


5. “How does anyone get to know someone in under two minutes enough to judge whether or not to send them home?”  

I guess if there isn’t chemistry, there isn’t chemistry.


6. “Taxidermy. Is it cool...or creepy?”

I’m also confused about how I feel about this. All of Kendall’s taxidermy animals are apparently “humane.” But to keep them for enjoyment? That's a bit creepy. Arie obviously doesn’t find it too odd, since he didn't fight back when Kendall offered to bring her animals; she’s even brought some of her animals on their one-on-one times.


7. “Whenever Arie eats on a date, I get paranoid!”

Obviously, I’m not the only one who realized that they never actually eat on the show… until Arie did. When he started eating, you could tell he was bored with Lauren S., and she got sent home right from the one-on-one date. I found this very surprising, but now I’m also scared for whomever he is on the date with whenever I see him eating.


8. “Poor Maquel, I hope she comes back!”

Honestly, same. That moment was so sad; we all teared up at our viewing party. I can’t imagine how it must've been to get that call while on The Bachelor. I think Arie will invite her back after she has had her time with her family. Also, the fantasy league still has her in the running for the final rose, so my hopes are high for her to come back.


9. “Tia is beyond perfect, she should win.”

Yeah, she is! I have her picked for the winner. Tia seems like a near perfect match for him. She’s sweet, funny and speaks her mind. I personally love when she drinks a little too much and starts showing what everyone else is thinking towards Krystal.


10. “Krystal is the girl the producers make sure stays on the show.”

There's no doubt about that. Who could stand the way she talks? Arie has to see through her fake personality and how she's the one who's starting all the drama and manipulating him. She keeps saying how they have the strongest relationship and then gets super upset when other girls try to build a relationship with him. Sorry honey, this is what the show is — and you knew it when you signed. The day she gets sent home will be the happiest moment for all the other contestants and viewers. And thank god that day came in week six.


11. “The group dates kinda suck this time.”

I can’t disagree with this. First, it was boxing; then, it was eating bugs and peeing in cans. These are not the dream dates that the girls should be going on while on this show. Both of these dates put the girls in extremely awkward situations — they just didn’t seem like fun.


Who do you think will get the final rose?

Tune in Mondays at 8/7 CT on ABC to see which girls will cry and which ones will fight over a guy just to end up going home.