10 Underrated Musicians to Stan in 2020

To quote the wise sage, Barry B. Benson, “Ya like jazz?” We all like music, usually. And we like finding new music that we can think of ourselves as better than others for consuming! Without further ado, here are some underrated musicians to stan in 2020. 

  1. 1. Coi Leray 

    Coi Leray is a rapper, who most people know — sadly — only for the fact that she’s dating human bread roll Trippie Redd. She’s talented and has good flow and the confidence to back it up. An artist one could easily draw parallels to is YBN Nahmir.  

    Recommended song: "Huddy" 

  2. 2. Raveena 

    Raveena is a newer singer with light, ethereal vocals. Her sound is reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s, beautiful and dreamlike. She’s Indian-American and incorporates these aesthetics into her music and presentation often, adding to the beautiful and candid artistic environment she fosters. She also released an album this year! 

    Recommended song: "Temptation" 

  3. 3. Adam Jensen 

    Adam Jensen has a distinctly rock sound. Among his accomplishments is the fact that he won the 2017 New England Music Award for Song of the Year. He has a sound that draws you in, with aggressive East Coast energy.

    Recommended song: "Friend of the Devil" 

  4. 4. Dreezy 

    Dreezy is a very talented rapper, with a versatile and hard-hitting flow. She is also often called the Princess of Chicago rap — and as a bonus, she has the same birthday as me!

    Recommended songs: "Chanel Slides," "Where Them $ @" 

  5. 5. Doja Cat 

    Doja Cat is a singer and rapper, known for her unique sound, humorous lyrics, fun style and versatility. Listen to her new album. Seriously. It’s amazing. 

    Recommended songs: "Tia Tamera," "Juicy," "Go to Town" 

  6. 6. Lolo Zouai 

    Lolo Zouai sings in French and English, proud of her French-Algerian roots. What’s noticeable about her music is her soft and melodic voice on trap-esque beats, as well as the way she can ride on the music like a pro surfer on a beautiful wave. 

    Recommended songs: "High Highs to Low Lows," "Austin Powers" (as a feature) 

  7. 7. Kelela

    Kelela has a strong and unique voice, with a breathy head voice to die for. A common theme in her videos is Afrofuturism — which, combined with her perfect R&B, is nothing more than a treat. Overall, a goddess.

    Recommended song: "Blue Light" 

  8. 8. Sevyn Streeter 

    Sevyn Streeter used to be in a girl group when she was much younger. She has a light yet hard hitting voice, managing to work well in every genre she finds herself making music in. Said music tends to be R&B, soul or pop. She is an amazing songwriter as well. Oh, and her first record deal was at nine.

    Recommended song: "Prolly" 

  9. 9. Adrian Marcel 

    Adrian Marcel has had a long career in music. A protégé of Raphael Saadiq, our man has recently released a new album. His music is reminiscent of the male R&B artists of the 2000s and ‘90s. 

    Recommended song: "Don't Wake Up" 

  10. 10. dvsn 

    Dvsn is a duo of a singer and a producer and signed to Drake’s label. Their music can be best described as hard-hitting twinkling instrumentals paired with a soft voice that seems to always have a hint of falsetto.

    Recommended song: "Don't Choose" 

I like to think that my music taste emanates a little too much from this. Enjoy!