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Riends Pizza College Party Food
Riends Pizza College Party Food
Molly Longest / Her Campus

10 Times Ian’s Pizza Was There for You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

The icon, the legend, and your best friend: Ian’s Pizza is there for every Badger. Here are the best times Madison’s favorite pizza place came in clutch.

1. Finals Week

As if college sleep schedules aren’t already crazy enough, finals week challenges us even more. It’s a good thing Ian’s is open until 2:30 am every weeknight. Hello all-nighter nourishment!

2. Finals end celebration.

Nothing serves as a better “congratulations” to yourself than the hot delicious triangle of heaven that is pizza. Naturally Ian’s is the perfect celebration of the end of finals or a test to be proud of.

3. Stretching that healthy eating diet.

That healthy kick lasted through your fruity breakfast and salad lunch, but pizza for supper? If it includes spinach, tomatoes or any of Ian’s 15+ choices of veggie toppings, you can call that a salad.

4. The date that went horribly.

Whether he’s a jerk, a cheapskate, a player, or just annoying, pizza is the perfect reminder that we can always be our own best company. Nothing is more convenient to enjoy singularly than “pizza by the slice.”

5. The date that went perfectly.

Then once in awhile, we find that special someone who is worth a second date. Bond over pizza and dish on your favorite Ian’s signature flavor.

6. Late night wandering

Everyone has found themselves wandering State Street at 2 a.m. looking for something, anything to eat. Sometimes a cookie just won’t cut it when you haven’t eaten in hours. Every Badger will find themselves at some point thankful for Ian’s perfect late-night bites.

7. Stranded in Lakeshore

Speaking from experience, although beautiful, the Lakeshore dorm neighborhood is the dessert of UW when it comes to restaurants. Thankfully, for those days when I just can’t bring myself to leave the lake, Ian’s delivers; now I’ve got no reason to leave Lakeshore!

8. Binge-watching marathon

Two seasons of New Girl in one day is only possible with total dedication. Leaving the apartment for food or starving through to finish these last few episodes? Luckily Ian’s helps to avoid both. Delivery for one please!

9. The attempt on an old-fashioned sleepover

Shoving 10 girls into a two-bedroom apartment to relive high school sleepovers may be just what we need sometimes, but the fridge to feed everyone is probably lacking. Of course, no one will turn down sleepovers’ best company: plenty of pizza!

10. Proof that UW is the best college around

Nothing quite stuns a visiting friend or family member like game-days or Ian’s pizza. Want a “slice” of perfect Badger college culture? Ian’s will show them not only do Badgers have the best time, but we eat the best while doing it.

Everyone already knows that pizza is a staple in the college diet, but Ian’s goes beyond that for the students of UW. Ian’s is like the friends we make in college, always dependable and there through it all.