10 Things You Forget to Carry in Your Backpack

Late night at the library? Phone is dying? Stomach growling? Feeling sick? Have a headache? In need of a sip of water?

These problems can all be fixed by carrying necessary items in your backpack.


1. Headphones

Headphones are an essential during long walks to class and late night studying. They allow you to jam out to music without anyone else hearing your guilty pleasure songs. You can also listen to audiobooks or watch your favorite TV show easily.


2. Chargers (for your phone and Laptop)

Papers, class notes, messaging friends. Technology has become an essential part of college, but with the constant use of Laptops and phones, the battery life drains very quickly. Carrying chargers with you is extremely helpful, especially when you have a paper due and your computer is at 3% battery.


3. Snacks and Gum

Library and union food prices are ridiculous, but in a bind may be your only option. Carrying your own snacks and gum allow you to choose what you want to snack on which saves you a couple bucks. Believe me, your stomach will thank you.


4. Water bottle

Hydrate or dydrate, am I right? Carrying a water bottle with you will become your life saver. Drinking water is important in your daily life and by carrying your water with you, you will always be able to stay hydrated.


5. A planner

Whether you take notes on your computer, phone, a sheet of paper or in a physical planner, carrying something that will help you schedule your life is extremely important in the hustle and bustle of college. With a planner, you will be sured never to forget what meetings you have, class projects due and tests coming up.


6. Band-aids

This may not be an everyday necessity, but it is an item people often do not carry with them. When you get a bad paper cut or your shoes start rubbing against your ankles, Band-aids will be the best friend you never realized you needed.


7. Kleenex

At some point or another in college, you have been sick. It’s inevitable. Having tissues on hand will make your life ten times easier (and ten times more sanitary) when you feel a cough or sneeze approaching.


8. Advil or Ibuprofen (and any medication you may need)

College can be a headache, but you shouldn’t have to have a headache because of it. Cure your headache or migraine with some Advil or Ibuprofen. Also, make sure to carry any allergy medication or prescribed pills that you need to take on a regular basis.


9. Hand sanitizer or wipes

Although an odd thing, trust me that carrying hand sanitizer will come in handy when you’re sick, the bathroom runs out of soap, or just when you’re feeling the need to clean yourself up.


10. Lip balm and Lotion

Dry lips and dry hands can be easily fixed by carrying lip balm and lotion with you. It’s not just the winter months that result in high needs for these products, they should be carried year round.


While some of these items may not be items you would typically think to carry, they will come in handy more than you will know. You will never ask your friend for a Band-aid or a snack again if you carry these items in your backpack!