10 Things We Learned from Spongebob in Honor of Stephen Hillenburg


On November 26, Stephen Hillenburg, American animator, producer and former marine biology teacher, died at age 57 from ALS. His legacy lives on through Spongebob Squarepants and all of the lessons the show taught us as kids. Even if your parents made you turn it off because of the characters’ obnoxious voices, everyone can appreciate the life lessons embedded in the episodes based on optimism and fun.


1. Creativity —  you don’t need a lot of materials to have fun

When Patrick and Spongebob were in the idiot box and all they had was their imagination. You don’t need anything big or expensive to have fun and be creative.


2. Fun > Winning

As told by the first line of the F.U.N. song, “It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun.” F is for friends who do stuff together, and life can be as simple as that.


3. Love what you do, and take pride in your work

Spongebob’s career isn’t simply flipping burgers; he takes pride in his job and is excited to go to work everyday. As long as you love what you do, you’ll spend your days having fun.


4. Value your friends

Even when you fight with your friends, you know you’re going to make up. That’s just what best friends do.


5. Be yourself — even if that means being weird!

When Spongebob became Normal Spongebob, he couldn’t flip patties anymore. When you’re too focused on seeming normal, you forget how to be yourself and do what you do best.


6. Spread positivity — even if you annoy people sometimes

Although Spongebob and Patrick mainly annoy Squidward, they try to make him do fun things.


7. Never dumb yourself down

Being smart is always a better option.


8. Adulthood can be grim, but there’s always going to be things in life keeping you young  

As much as he would hate to admit it  Squidward’s life would be very boring without Spongebob or Patrick. For each lesson there is about childlike wonder told by Spongebob and Patrick, there is a lesson about adulthood told by characters like Squidward and Sandy.


9) Don’t take other people’s sh*t

Sandy is one of the most responsible characters on the show, and she often has to put Spongebob and Patrick in their place.


10. Own your look

Beauty is how you define it; never be ashamed of your unique look.


In honor of Stephen Hillenburg, Nickelodeon aired a Spongebob marathon this past week, and many fans have signed a petition to have “Sweet Victory” performed at the Super Bowl half-time show. If you would like to help the petition reach one million signatures, see the link above!