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10 Gifts for the Basic Bro in Your Life

With nearly 160,000 followers in a mere two weeks, the brosbeingbasic Instagram account has brought attention to what has most often been a term reserved for girls: “basic.” Between the endless hashtags to the hipster selfies, not only has it been widely entertaining, but also has called something to the attention of the general population: basic bros are everywhere nowadays. You know who we’re talking about—basic bros are the impeccably dressed male versions of the pumpkin-spice-latte loving, lap-dog-owning, pore-strip-using “basic” persona. We all have at least one basic bro on our holiday gift shopping list, so I present to you the ultimate gift guide for the basic bro in your life, inspired by the brosbeingbasic Insta profile!

1. Polo Quarter Zip

#1 basic bro attire for any occasion.


2. Brooks Brothers cologne/gift card/anything

There’s really no way you could go wrong here.


3. Those stemless wine glasses you’ve seen him eyeing at the department store…

… that will serve him well on his Netflix binge-watching sessions.


4. Boat shoes

A day on the lake? Boat shoes. A day at the mall? Boat shoes. A day at the library? Boat shoes.


5. Pedicure Certificate

Because would he really be basic if his toes didn’t have to look as good as his hair?


6. Chubbies Shorts

He’ll love you now that he can show off that killer thigh tone he’s been working so hard for in his Crossfit sessions!


7. Frank Coffee Body Scrub

Not only will the basic bro in your life love how soft this exfoliating scrub makes his skin, but he will also be delighted to be able to finally post his Frank Body Scrub experience #selfie to Instagram. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll tag you in it… but probably not, because he gets ten times the amount of likes as you do on all of his pictures.


8. Lululemon running tights

Or Lulu anything, really. Because Lulu.


9. Starbucks Tumbler

What else will keep his peppermint mocha warm in once the pretty red holiday cups are retired again until next year?

10. LUSH gift set

This “Christmas Bathtime Favorites” gift set is sure to be the gift of the year, but LUSH has a ton of other gift sets and lots of bath bombs to choose from. Plus, LUSH is against animal testing!

Whatever the basic bro on your list likes, these gifts are sure to take his holiday cheer to a whole new level of “can’t even,” if it’s possible to top his excitement about his upcoming yoga retreat with his best buddies.


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