10 Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Scrolling through Instagram can be so monotonous sometimes. So, here's a list of the best dog Instagram accounts that are out there! It’s a known fact that humans tend to like their dogs better than other people anyways. 

1. @labradors4life


This account is run by a dog breeder who lives in England, and it is definitely my favorite dog account. As if his posts of Labradors aren’t enough, he also goes live on Instagram frequently when his dogs give birth to litters of puppies. It’s so fun to follow the puppies as grow up!


2. @bernesedaily

For all the Bernese Mountain Dog lovers out there, this account frequently posts pictures of both old and young Bernese (yes, that means puppies, too!).


3. @pups

As the handle suggests, this account features all puppies — talk about cuteness overload!


4. @retrieverstagram

This account features mostly Golden and Labrador Retrievers, but they also post puppy merch that you can buy. Yes, I have purchased a dog t-shirt from an Instagram boutique before…


5. @treatdreams

Treat Dreams is a dog bakery in Oklahoma run by a mother-daughter duo located. They sell all kinds of dog-inspired apparel and advocate for rescuing dogs. The best part? A portion of their sale proceeds goes to charities that aid rescue dogs!


6. @chancelortheyapper

Chancelor is a local Madisonian dog! His owners go to UW-Madison and always posts adorable pictures of him doing things around town. Follow this account and make sure to watch out for him — you might run into him around campus!


7. @greencapes

This account is run by Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Canada, a group of volunteer raisers who train puppies to become service dogs! Watching doggos do their job is always cute!


8. @charlieandfrankie

Charlie and Frankie are two English Cocker Spaniels who live in Queensland, Australia; and honestly, they’re more fab than I’ll ever be.


9. @kodahbearbeast

Kodah is a White Magic Samoyed from New Hampshire. He has the happiest face and is always up to something fun with his humans!


10. @huskystagrams

This account features all Siberian Huskies — what beautiful dogs! The best posts from this account are the videos; if you’ve never heard a husky “talk,” you’ll definitely get a kick out of it!


Next time you log into your Instagram, make sure to check out these dog accounts! They’ll definitely put a smile on your face each time you scroll through your feed!