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I met you when I least expected it. I had just spent the summer learning to love myself, not anticipating to meet someone who would learn to love me as well. 

[bf_image id="q5berp-9t1yn4-aijkqs"] Last June, if you were to tell me I met you on a dating app, I would have thought you were crazy. I know plenty of people who met their significant other on an app, but I never considered that I would as well. On my profile, I stated that I like the office. Others would open with whether or not they liked the show, but you, you asked me why my name was Pam but I looked more like Angela. To say the least, the conversation after that was very interesting, but I wanted to meet you. 

Do you remember when we met? It was last August, and I wore my tortoise-themed socks so I would have a conversation starter. My friend called me to make sure I was alive, but little did she know I felt more alive than I had been for the past year; corny, I know. However, I have watched more horror movies with you in a year than I have my whole life. I have laughed with you more than I have with anyone else. I have learned to enjoy life again. 

[bf_image id="q58t4x-1naork-387vpw"] I remember the day you asked me out. You were more nervous than when we met, and you kept smiling, even when we weren’t talking. Right before I dropped you off, you asked to get coffee; I was confused because it was late, not knowing you were still finding the courage to ask. When you finally asked, you stumbled over your words. I asked you countless questions to make sure you were serious, finding it hard to believe YOU wanted to date ME. I never stopped smiling that night. 

I remember when I got a phone call from my mom saying a close relative had passed. We had only known each other for a few months, but you held me close until I stopped crying and took me to get smoothies. You offered to be my support system at the funeral, but I did not want that to be the first time you met my family. You never hesitated to console me, and I will always be grateful.  

[bf_image id="qaaspd-f1mb1k-7s7pe4"] I remember the first night I realized I loved you; you convinced me to go stargazing on a cold and rainy night. You tucked my hands in your sleeves to make sure they were warm. We sat in the grass for hours, staring at the ever-changing clouds and billions of stars that were twinkling before us. You quickly become my best friend and my favorite person. You are incredibly patient, thoughtful, and loving. You have always been my biggest supporter, especially in times of doubt. Your laugh, games in the car on the way to visit family, and your never-ending affection have made me the happiest I have ever been. Days spent with you will always be my favorite.

Life is all about the adventure, and you have made the journey exciting. 

Pam Neary

Winthrop '21

Hello! I'm Pam, a Sociology major at Winthrop University. I have a tortoise and two guinea pigs who always keep me busy. I enjoy watching Netflix, hiking, reading, and painting!
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