You Need Sad Girl Hours!

We all have those days where we need alone time — those days where we want to get away from the chaos of everyday life. Definitely for us college students, life can get stressful, and everything seems to be going a little too fast. I genuinely believe that music is the perfect de-stressor (especially sad songs.). Now hear me out, I promise I’m not a depressing person, but something about a sad song gets your feelings going. So often our generation buries our emotion deep inside, and by the time we dig it up, it’s too much to handle. I am someone who doesn’t like to share their emotions, stress, and struggles, nor am I one for touch. But what I do know is that I love music, music that speaks to you, helps you open you up in a safe environment, and honestly, sometimes it helps us feel a little less alone, making us realize that people go through the same things that we do.



    It’s hard for our generation to find time to sit down, debrief, and reflect. We are always on our feet, going to class, meeting up with friends, working, and it seems that our generation has an issue with worrying so much about others that they forget about themselves. The good thing about music is that you can listen to it anywhere! One of my favorite places to listen to slow songs and reflect is at a coffee shop. I enjoy doing this when I am writing poetry or doing anything creative. I can usually relate to something the artist is singing about, and I become inspired. You don’t even need to be alone! Just the other day, I took a night drive with a friend blasting sad songs and screaming them at the top of our lungs. (I am currently sitting in Starbucks right now, listening to the “When The Party’s Over” cover by Lewis Capaldi, and my heart is screeching, but it’s fine. I’m fine).


    Next time you have some time to yourself, think about putting on a song or a playlist that gets you into your feels. If you don’t believe in its effects, let me give you a bit of science to back up my theory. Studies show that sadness can act as a mood stabilizer and an emotional support system. Some people admitted it made them lighter, happier like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Listening to sad music even helps you pay attention and get things done. (To all my procrastinators, this is for you!)

    In short sad songs are like the inhuman therapist you don’t have to pay for, and as a broke college student, I’m down for that. Sad songs arouse a sense of nostalgia that is bittersweet. It really makes us think about life and the intricate beauty of it all. So next time you are feeling a bit down, or just need something to relieve your stress, find a comfortable place, put in your earbuds, and just listen and feel. Take some time for yourself today; you deserve it!

Here’s some song inspiration! Below are some of my favorite artists, as well as some of my favorite songs by them!



  • Matt Maeson - “Feel Good”
  • Sasha Sloan - “Dancing with your Ghost”
  • NF - “Paralyzed:
  • SYML - “Where’s My Love”
  • Kodaline - “All I Want”
  • Daughter - “Medicine”
  • Amber Run - “I Found”
  • Sleeping at Last - “Saturn”
  • Dean Lewis - “Lose my Mind”
  • Lewis Capaldi - “Fade”