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You Know You’re From Horry County If…

If you live here, have lived here before, or haven't left and never will, then you'll be able to relate to these 33 things so well!

You know you're from Horry County if...

1. You instantly correct people who pronounce it “whore-eee.”

2. When people ask where you’re from, you just say “Myrtle Beach” because they’ve never actually heard of your hometown.

3. Tourists are public enemy number one.

4. You cruise dirt roads for fun (thank you, dirties, for teaching us how to pee anytime, anywhere).

5. Prom was either held at a fancy country club or a cheap nightclub, and pictures were most likely taken at a marina.

6. You’ve willingly hung out in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

7. You thought you were cool sh*t cruising the Boulevard on Saturday nights after getting your license.

8. Mosquito spray is kept handy year-round.

9. Camouflage is acceptable to wear beyond the woods (your mom didn't buy that $150 Drake jacket to just sit in a closet or a deer stand). 

10. You didn’t have a “senior week” after graduation like everyone else in the state because that's basically your entire summer.

11. You’re still scarred from your first Black Bike Weekend experience.

12. You know what UCLA is (upper Conway, lower Aynor).

13. And that “Dirty Myrtle” really refers to only North Myrtle Beach.

14. Getting piped at by a truck is basically a mating call. 

15. Your high school sports coach is a school alum and was also your history teacher or guidance counselor.

16. Cowgirl boots are acceptable for any occasion.

17. It’s not college, it's Coastal. 

18. Carolina Forest is everyone’s high school rival.

19. School is cancelled at the slightest possibility of snow (In Ed Pediotrowski We Trust).

20. Your favorite commercial is from Jud Kuhn Chevrolet. 

21. At least two of your friends major in forestry at Horry-Georgetown Tech.

22. Summers are spent on a riverbank or a beach towel. 

23. You worry more about getting caught by DNR than you do the actual cops (with the exception of Ocean Lakes security guards).

24. You flip out when people don’t know what chicken bog is. 

25. Brookgreen Garden’s Nights of a Thousand Candles is used to DTR during winter break (if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen).

26. You were a cool kid in elementary school if you had season passes to the water park. 

27. Your first taste of college was actually during Spring Break in Garden City (until you got kicked out by the realty company).

28. The best part of Kick-Off Classic was watching the initiated freshmen girls sing to people. 

29. When in doubt, blame everything on “tradition.”

30. When meeting your friend’s parents for the first time, you end up giving them a short synopsis of your family tree.

31. You’re still salty about the Pavilion being torn down for a grass lot. 

32. You were personally victimized by the fire-breathing dragon at the Broadway at the Beach putt-putt course as a child.

33. Again, tourists are public enemy number one.

Despite your craziness, we'll always love you and we'll always be proud to call you home! Horry County forever! 

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Cassy is a junior and Social Work major from Conway, SC. She is a member of Tri Sigma and is notorious for getting lost and rapping all the words to "Grillz." She is also an advocate for sexual assault awareness and plans to join the Peace Corps after graduation. You can most likely find her near the beach, struttin' in her cowgirl boots, or wandering around Columbia on game days.
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