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Winthrop Greeks Say No to Hazing

National Hazing Prevention Week, September 21-25, is a time dedicated to spreading awareness and educating members of the college community about the consequences of hazing members of their organizations.

Hazing is bullying. It is disrespectful and mean and hateful. Hazing is also illegal.

Winthrop University has a no tolerance policy for hazing. Greeks should strive to make their new members feel welcome, safe and respected in their chapters.

As greek women, it is our job to take care of our sisters. We want our new members to feel like they are at home and fill their college experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are 5 things a TRUE new member period should be filled with:

1. Ritual

As new members progress into initiated members, they participate in the ritual ceremonies of their sorority. These ceremonies are reminders of a sorority’s purpose and goals. Many ritual ceremonies conducted today are the same ceremonies conducted by founding members of sororities over 100”s of years ago. Each sorority has its own ritual; however, the themes of friendship, citizenship, leadership and scholarship are common to all. . 

2. Big and Little Relationships

Bigs are the gals that shower you with presents while mysteriously hiding their identity during your new member period. When the wait is over, Big/Little reveal happens and you finally get to run into your Big’s arms! A Big is a mentor to a Little. She will guide you through sorority and college life, be your number one supporter, and of course be someone to eat ice cream with at 1 A.M. 

3. Sisterhood

You will be bonding with so many girls during your new member period! These new friendships and memories will make you really feel what it is like to be a part of a sisterhood. 

4. Philanthropy

A philanthropy is the cause or charity your organization donates to. Every sorority has its own unique philanthropy and you will have the chance to get involved with yours. Giving back to the community is a huge part of being a greek member!


There will be glitter EVERYWHERE during your new member period. So after your Bid Day, just get prepared to find it in your hair, bed, bookbag and shoes! ;)

For more information on National Hazing Prevention week visit: http://hazingprevention.org/home/prevention/national-hazing-prevention-week/




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